“Czech, and long live Mexico!”

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  • Czech Perez, according to Forbesis one of the highest paid drivers in Formula 1.

  • Star+ It is one of the many streaming proposals that have been consolidated in the market.

  • There are undoubtedly a number of insightswhich become key in the sports market.

Czech Perez left the hotel four seasons in Austin, Texaswhere he and the team Red Bull They spent the night before the United States Grand Prix, where the driver is expected to triumph to arrive victorious at the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Mexico. This may be one of the many shots that we will see in the next series “Checo! long live Mexico!”, which Star+ will premiere and has begun promoting this Sunday.

The production of series inspired by personalities has become a production pretext much used by the large streaming platforms and traditional media, which have resorted to this medium as a way of attracting the attention of the audience, especially when communication in This medium has become strategic, that is, the results achieved are increasingly measured to decide the future of certain productions, as well as the identification of the theme that is estimated to have an impact on consumers.

The streaming has been consolidated with a series of insightswhich we detail below and give us an idea of ​​how important the consumption of original content is in the market.

Like the story of Checo Pérez in a documentary series, a genre also known as a docuseries, we have also seen important productions but based on medical institutions, such as the famous New York hospital Lenox Hillwhich has become one of the boldest streaming content production exercises during the health contingency, as it went from showing ordinary situations that arrived at the hospital to documenting the drama of becoming a COVID-19 care center, a pathogen that turned the world upside down and became a global health challenge.

Faced with these phenomena, activities have been escalating, which have managed to demonstrate a very important element today and that is the influence they achieve in the market, tasks designed to innovate storytelling, thinking of new ways of offering content, as they have Indeed, the latest competitors in this industry, who began to offer sports broadcasts in real time, demonstrated a very important aspect with their audacity and that is the ability of the brands involved, such as sports sponsors, to find new channels of exposure.

In the study of medcalfthe idea of ​​a sports sponsorship is that the brand that budgets for it manages to create knowledge of its company or product/service that it has in the market, generate relationships with the audience or change the perceptions that they have about them.

These objectives make the idea of ​​having new brand image showcase channels an obligatory medium, hence even Netflix decided to launch a subscription with ads, because in this way it not only guarantees income, but is confident that it will achieve brands that advertise, since brand exposure in this digital channel is relevant.

Just look at the estimates of the study “The State of Video & Connected TV”where we are warned that the main reason for the Generation Zsubscribing to a streaming channel is because it allows them to watch new and original content.

“A survey from the second quarter of 2021 found that the majority of respondents watched more streaming services due to new or original content, with 47 percent citing this reason. Among Generation Z, this was the case for 52 percent, while 45 percent of baby boomers said new and first-party productions increased their streaming consumption. Overall, the second most common reason was spending more time at home during COVID-19, followed by the ability to watch anytime, anywhere.” Julia StillStatista researcher specializing in video and TV.

Checo Pérez “accelerates” in streaming

“Czech, and long live Mexico!” It is the miniseries-type production that will show the Mexican driver in everyday moments and streaming has not missed the fact that Pérez runs this Sunday in the United States Grand Prixto promote the production that premieres on November 4.

This series is an interesting testament to how one of the key figures in motorsport and one of the three highest earning men in Formula 1, now with the team of RedBull.

The important thing about this docuseries is that it will even record its participation in the Mexican Grand Prix, which is why this production will be released in the first days of November, which makes the production a key pretext to be able to see the story, just for the editing challenge they are going to take on.

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