Cuban accused of fraud and illegally practicing medicine in Argentina

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Argentine authorities accused Cuban Ronald Mora of using invented therapies and is facing trial for illegal practice of medicine.

Mora, 49, was arrested along with his wife and the Intelligence Department against Organized Crime of the Federal Police raided his home in Ensenada, where he had one of the queries.

“He presented himself as an eminence in treatments for children with neurodevelopmental difficulties, cerebral palsy and psychomotor retardation, but he was arrested for defrauding his parents,” the newspaper reported. TN.

Justice compiled several complaints against the Cuban by patients who felt cheated and were forced to pay for therapies in dollars or with rents from luxurious houses.

“My daughter is 20 years old and suffers from cerebral palsy. This man and his wife are the reason why we moved to Salta. He played with the illusion of my daughter, ours and that of our relatives. He promised us that she would have improvements, that he was going to walk and eat by mouth”, said one of the complainants.

Some people described Mora as “a charmer of desperate parents”, so they asked the judge not to let him practice medicine anymore.

CyberCuba He contacted the accused, but as of the time of writing this note he had not responded to the messages sent.

On his Facebook profile, Mora shared this Sunday a message of thanks to the people who trust in his innocence.

“More together and stronger than ever, convinced of our great work of good. Thank you all for your prayers, support and blessings. We continue our work. The truth is coming to light. Blessings to all,” he wrote.

The suspect and his wife are free, but are prohibited from practicing their profession and face trial for illegal practice of medicine, according to the local press.

During the investigation, it transpired that the Cuban promoted himself on social networks and used platforms such as Tik Tok or Facebook to publicize his rehabilitation method.

“The High Neurological Complexity and Child Neurodevelopment of Cuba has arrived in Punta Lara,” says one of its promotions, which served to show cases of presumed improvements in patients with cerebral palsy.

Ronald Mora presents himself on social networks as a graduate of the “Salvador Allende” Institute, del Cerro, and president of the “Caminemos & Ronald Mora” Foundation, although he does not specify what his medical specialty is.

The local press also does not refer to whether he has the proper qualifications and authorizations to practice medicine in Argentina.

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