Cruz Azul believes that there was a ‘grid’ for Jurado and does not want to renew Corona – Sniper

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In issues with a blue tint, I tell you that despite the fact that Chuy Corona has already deservedly regained ownership, not everything is going as the historic cement goalkeeper would like.

Well, they told me that the board of directors that López de Silanes now operates for Inge Velázquez has no plans to renew Corona, since they consider that he made Jurado a grid when he was a substitute, and that does not help create a new contract for him.

It is a fact that this celestial directive has new objectives: to cut the budget, in addition to injecting youth as has not been done in recent decades.

The cement squad is veteran and surely we will no longer see Corona and more in the following tournaments. But yes, while the youth reacts, they will continue with the experienced ones so that they can take the potatoes out of the oven.


Oh my Tri, he doesn’t get out of one when another falls on him. Well, now he is the brand-new sports director of the national teams, who just landed in the offices of Doña Fede and is making more enemies than friends.

First, you already listened to Tata Martino, who complained about having given Torrado a brush, and fluffed Ordiales without noticing the importance of his position.

And also the champion players of Blue CrossAguilar and Corona, who publicly exhibited the terrible atmosphere generated by the leader in La Maquina.

Well, now there are several clubs that are upset with Ordiales because of the grinder in Atlanta, because despite the fact that they asked him to take care of the minutes of his players, such as Montes de Rayados and Vega de Chivas, he did not comply. He also had no communication about the Córdova case, and América still has no clear explanation for the Zendejas case.

That yes, Jaime is in all the disposition, but he did not have half a foot and the earrings accumulated, and worse, while he continues advising Cruz Azul from the outside. Hopefully he can really help the Mexican National Team, because they need him.


To follow him with another historic goalkeeper of a great, I already told you that Francisco Guillermo Ochoa Magaña’s contract comes to an end this December and the talks for his renewal are going from strength to strength.

His representative, Manuel Berlanga, is already in Mexico to accelerate the signing at Memo’s request, to stay in the institution that gave him the opportunity to debut in 2004 and that he loves so much.

There is will on both sides and the big issue is not even salary, which will keep Ochoa as one of the highest paid soccer players in the country, but time, since Memo waits at least two years, but the board will give him only one of the drawer . The idea is that with the fulfillment of certain requirements, the automatic renewal is won to have it until the summer of 2024. So everyone in Coapa hopes that the tireless goalkeeper will go to the World Cup with Mexico with full spirits and the certainty that he will stay. happily in the Eagles.


In brief of our ‘Europeans’, the one who is losing steam in England, even with the Newcastle United youth team, is Santi Muñoz, who is about to fulfill his European dream at the end of the year.

The striker was forcibly ‘lent’ to the British club, as he did not want to stay in Santos to earn a place as a star in the First Division. Mudo Aguirre is the example, who could even go with the Tata team.

But his agent, Alex López, convinced the boy and his parents to fly, despite not having the opportunity to stay in the Old Continent.

It is a fact that Newcastle will neither buy him nor seek to renew the loan and they are already waiting for him in Santos in December, to see what they do with a guy who lost eight months of development for listening to the siren song of his promoter.


Those who are already tired are some footballers from Cougarswho only feel that they do not see theirs with the work of my dearest Ariel González and his physical preparation in the stellar squad.

One of the first things that Doc Mejía Barón changed when he returned to Cantera was precisely the conditioning of the first team, since he rose from the youth to his eternal compadre Ariel.

However, some blue and gold ears told me that the Liga MX group does not feel the work with González is complete, so they often do the preparation behind his back, without him knowing that they did not follow his instructions to the letter. , because they consider that it is not appropriate to the current times. It will be the serene, but these cats need much more than physical tasks to resurface.