Crocs bag, like an iPhone, costs 28 thousand pesos, which one do you choose?

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  • A comparison between a Crocs bag and an iPhone for sale on Amazon makes one wonder which one to buy, since they have the same value.

  • Crocs made categories like wearing foam a resource that other high-cost brands, such as Adidas, have made use of.

  • Crocs figures reveal the volume of sales in millions of dollars thanks to the design and materials in the making of these products.

the market that crocs opened in footwear, where it stands out for its originality, it follows a very important design patent and it is the ability of firms to understand what is valuable to the fashion consumer, adding new categories in this segment, based on design, functionality , material trends, among others.

There is a general scheme in this guideline and it is the identification of tasks that have been done based on the consumer, especially based on design. The fluffy plastic material that Crocs are made of has been used by alliances such as Adidas with kanye-westIt is known as YEEZY Foam Runner with the characteristic that they are made entirely in the United States.

This commitment to design with materials that lend themselves to it has created a very interesting sensation in the consumer and that is to live experiences from categories created such as clothing, accessories and leather accessories, which include bags and accessories made in this material. Now, these categories have evolved into the use of foam or vegetable skins.

The use of foam in fashion has been essential to consolidate a very important category in consumption that has to do with the way a segment, in this case footwear, has become of unique interest to the consumer.

crocs has added income of over 2 billion dollarsaccording to numbers published by the brand itself during 2021. This record is without a doubt a scheme that brands have used and that serve to extend it to categories such as luxury, which crocs has allied with Balenciaga.

In this case, one aspect that we must not lose sight of is how a value in consumption has been marked and thereby define challenges that better accompany the value of a firm through design.

A Crocs bag or an iPhone

The value of a bag crocssimilar to the cost of a iPhone in amazon It is a comparison based on a key concept, which is the preference of firms to understand what should be important and what should not be in design.

under this scheme A crucial element has been confirmed and it has to do with the ability of brands to adopt new tasks in the market.

An example of this is how these firms have spread to unexpected categories in retail, as has happened in the clothing. Today there are more fashion brands that have carved out a special niche in consumption and how activities of great interest to the consumer have been revealed from this practice.

It is worth understanding how it has been possible to define clothing the challenge of design, especially at a time when this industry appeals to elements designed for functionality, the use of materials adapted to sustainable trends and actions that reveal the importance of brand communication in this segment.

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