CRISTIANO HAD NEVER SAID SOMETHING LIKE THIS: The epic description that Cristiano Ronaldo dedicated to Lionel Messi

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Cristiano Ronaldo he will always identify himself as the best footballer in the world. It’s his mentality. However, that does not prevent him from recognizing other colleagues who, like him, have recorded themselves in the history of the most beautiful sport in the world.

In an interview for the journalist Piers Morgan, The bug He was full of praise for Lionel Messi. He recognized him as a magical and TOP player, and defined him as a fantastic person.

His relationship with 10 La Albiceleste it’s very good. They are not friends, because they have not lived so closely, but the respect and admiration is total.

Cris came out to this talk to speak with total sincerity. And, without the protective shield with which these types of commitments are usually met, she gave us a description of Lio to frame.

Rivals, not enemies.

Competitive, never disrespectful.

Despite the fact that they have not had the joy of sharing a team, CR7 sees Messi as a teammate. They have experienced so many things together and have coincided so much that their sympathy reached that degree.


«As a footballer he is amazing. He is a magical player. TOP. As a person, we have shared the stage for 16 years. Imagine…. 16 years! I have a great relationship with him. We are not friends in terms of visiting each other at home or talking on the phone. He is like a teammate. He’s a guy that I really respect because of the way he’s always talked about me. Even his wife and my girlfriend always respect each other. Both are from Argentina. My girlfriend is from Argentina. He is good. What can I say about Messi? Pure good things. He is a great boy, he has done everything for football ».

The most epic rivalry of all time.

Let’s enjoy, Undefeated, which are the latest features of THE GREATEST.

Undefeated Data. Cristiano Ronaldo (18) and Lionel Messi (15) are the players who have been nominated for the Ballon d’Or the most times. Incomparable.

Did you know…? Cristiano Ronaldo (818) is the player with the most goals in the entire history of professional football. Lionel Messi (786), who is 2 years younger, is not too far behind.

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