Cristian Castro turns on the networks for a peculiar change of image

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Cristian Castro surprises with a “new” look. Photo: Instagram

Cristian castro surprised in networks by appearing with a completely different picture so several users questioned if it was a joke from him Day of the Innocents or if the singer had undergone a series of “arrangements”. In the photograph that he shared on his Instagram account, you can see the “Happy Rooster” with important changes in her face.

In addition to showing off a skin with few wrinkles, his nose looks thinner and more defined, his chin more pronounced and with a marked dimple. Her lips also seemed to have had a change, as they look more voluptuous. Users questioned whether it was about filters or some aesthetic procedures.

In the description of the photo, Cristian wrote a short message that is not related to the image. “Days with family, friends and rest, the best hug in this beautiful time.”

Cristian Castro is not the only one who uses filters in the family

The singer He is not the only member of his family who has been criticized for using filters, his mother Verónica Castro does it more frequently to look younger and more beautiful. here the sample

The first time the actress used excessive filters in her photos was in May, when she shared a photo next to her brother. Joseph Alberto Castro while he shared the original.

And this is the photo that the television producer shared.

The reviews were great, but Verónica Castro stressed that she paid for the editing application and uses it for thatretouching your photos.

“There was pique, Tito, from Photoshop, but that’s why I bought it and I have fun”, “Well, I even paid for my filter and I like it with a filter, but if you like it without a filter you can look at my brother’s, he likes it without a filter. So they don’t get angry, because he hurts ”, were the comments that the presenter also wrote.

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