Couple was doing intimate acts based on Avatar

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After multiple delays, on December 16, 2022, the long-awaited film ‘Avatar 2’ reached the main cinemas from various countries around the world where millions of people have attended to enjoy this new installment of one of the most watched productions in the history of cinema.

The premiere of the film It has been overshadowed because it has not met expectations at the box office despite the fact that its collection exceeded what was estimated by the producer of ‘Avatar’. Furthermore, the strong storms that hit the United States during the last days of the year they caused some theaters to close.

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On the other hand, some events that have occurred in the functions of said production have also overshadowed its success. One of them was the shooting that took place in a movie theater in Mexicobecause a man entered the place and began to shoot mercilessly.

Fortunately, no one was injured and the man was captured by the authorities, who acted quickly and managed to evacuate the moviegoers.

Now, an event that occurred in another movie theater in Mexico went viral on social networks, because a couple was discovered doing “improper things” during a performance ‘Avatar 2’.

Couple was “touching” in the middle of the show avatar 2

A video went viral on social networks, which already has more than 9 million viewswhere several people, who attended a function of Avatar 2, are heard calling attention to a couple who, apparently, would be doing intimate acts inside the movie theater.

In the video, shared on TikTok, a woman is heard screaming, quite obfuscated, by the couple’s behavior, while it is observed that the movie on the big screen in the cinema is on pause.

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“This is to see a movie, period. Not to come to rub your balls ”, a woman is heard saying that she was inside the cinema enjoying the show.

Although it was not possible to know how the embarrassing episode ended, lThe theater lights were already on and the movie was not played againfor which it is inferred that the function could not continue until the couple left the movie theater.

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