Corruption and tax evasion prevent the development of soccer in Mexico

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As a follow-up to the report “El Cártel del Gol”, Amir Ibrahim He pointed out that it is estimated that in Mexican soccer, every year it moves resources at the level of two thousand 800 million dollars, which attracts people who are looking for the big loot.

He highlighted alleged tax fraud in the purchase and sale of players at an overprice and explained the method to commit the tax crime.

The promoter places a technical director in a first division sports club who maintains relationships with club managers to look for players abroad.

These players buy them and then resell them to teams with an overprice of 100% up to 500%.

The loot is divided among those involved.

The purchase-sale operations and the overpricing of players are not declared before the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

He showed emails about the cases of Funes Mori and Andrés Vilchis, who sold them for between two and three times their prices.

In the case of tax fraud, he referred to private contracts to evade taxes in the face of large monetary movements.

He indicated that Club Pachuca carried out an operation of 7.5 million dollars towards a company named “Colarca”, which would be an importer, to hide from the SAT the sale of a player to another team.

This also violates regulations of FIFA itself, as explained by the speaker.

He exposed a phone call conversation between Decio de María, former president of the and Jesús Martínez in which they refer to simulated matches, with the results already purchased.

The connection of public money in the private soccer business lies in the direct or indirect sponsorship of clubs and he pointed out a case of the Government of Tamaulipas for the “Jaiba Brava”.

This would come from resources from all kinds of secretariats and state institutes.

Finally, he mentioned tax condonation for soccer clubs during the administration of Felipe Calderón and Enrique Peña Nieto.


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