Copa Libertadores 2022: reporter suffers attempted assault live

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Copa Libertadores 2022: reporter suffers attempted assault on live broadcast
The reporter captured the attempted robbery live. Photo: Gettyimages.

A reporter caught the moment when a couple of burglars They tried to strip her of her belongings while she was doing a live link for one local television stationwithin the framework of final of soccer of the Libertadores Cup 2022carried out in Ecuador.

The events occurred on one of the bridges that are in the vicinity of the Guayaquil Monumental Stadiumplace where you are saturday october 29 the final will be played between the two Brazilian teams flamingo Y Athletic.

In the recording It can be seen how the two burglars they approach the communicator, identified as Vanessa Robleswho is found reporting in live the environment prior to final of the Libertadores Cup 2022and, without further ado, they prepare to strip her of her belongings.

However, the pair of burglarswho travel in motorcyclethey do not realize that the reporter is broadcasting live, until the communicator he tells them:

“You are going to rob us right now live”,

The reporter managed to say in the middle of the attempted assault.

Once the two subjects they notice the situationthey immediately cover the face and they run away empty-handed.

Followed by the above, the journalist ask someone for help motorcyclist who was passing by at that time:

“Take it, take it… he wanted to rob us”,

Vanessa Robles yelled.

After viralized the attempted assaultwithin the framework of Libertadores Cup 2022the journalist in question, shared his testimony of what happened, which was uploaded to the social networks of the television network Teleamazonas.

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