Congress will monitor the IMSS-Wellness program: Gordillo

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There are doubts about the budget exercise and the impact of the strategy on other items, says the deputy.

The president of the Health Commission in the State Congress, Andrea Gordillo Vega, maintained that as local deputies they will be vigilant of the operation of the IMSS-Wellness program in Morelos, since she said that she is concerned about the budget exercise and the impact that it may have on other items.

In an interview, the local legislator pointed out that in the framework of the negotiation of the agreement between the state government and the Federation, the State Congress will make the corresponding observations.
He even pointed out that in the analysis of the Economic Package of the state government for 2023, which will begin in October, the issue will also be reviewed, since he assured that the objective is to strengthen the health sector and with IMSS-Wellness there could be important adjustments in the exercise of public resources.

He also said that the purchase of medicines for Morelos, which have been scarce in recent months, is worrying, which could be complicated by this transition.
“Above all, not centralizing the health issue that matters so much to us and that is necessary today. If today there is a shortage of medicine with the Insabi issue, imagine what could happen with the IMSS-Wellness issue,” he added.

In this sense, the legislator said that her position is against the program, so “we will raise our voices, because we believe that it is not the time and when the 2023 economic package arrives we will make our observation points (sic)” , he claimed.