Confirm Omar Chaparro as “The Joker” in the new “Batman” movie

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omar chaparro became a trend after it was revealed that he will be the one who interprets “The Joker” andin the new movie batman from HBOMax.

the mexican actor will lend you his voice to one of the greatest villains of cinema, in the animated film “Aztec Batman: Clash of Empires”. Which is undoubtedly causing a sensation among the most faithful followers of the “Knight of the Night”.

Very excited to give voice to #Joka (joker) in the new animated production of DC Comics #BatmanAzteca”, said the also singer on social networks.

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What is “Aztec Batman: Clash of Empires” about with Omar Chaparro?

The movie it is going to be located in the heyday of Tenochtitlan Y will focus in “Yohualli Coatl”, son of the leader of the Totelcatzin village. The story begins with the invasion of the Spanish, when Yohualli’s father is assassinated by Hernán Cortés.

This undertakes a trip to Tenochtitlan to inform Emperor Moctezuma about the invasion. The “Aztec Batman” will take refuge in Tzinacánthe bat god temple, To train and defend his people from the conquerors.

Even will be accompanied by a version of Alfred, “Acatzin”. In addition, as in Gotham City, the protagonist will develop their own artifacts.

Aztec Batman Clash of Empires

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Who will be the “Aztec Batman”?

In addition to omar chaparro like “The Joker”, the HBO Max movie will have Horacio García-Rojas as Batman Y a Alvaro Monte (The Money Heist) as Hernan Cortes.

Let us remember that this It’s not the first time the interpreter of “Las Locuras Mías” dubs the voice of a characteras lent it to “Po”, protagonist from “Kun Fu Panda”.

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