Companies are committed to the well-being of their executives through regular medical check-ups

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It could be said that one of the maxims in medicine is prevent rather than cure. Especially with the recent and still palpable wake of the pandemic, we know that health comes first and that, to guarantee it, prevention is one of the most repeated slogans. There are all kinds of medical practices designed to prevent or reduce the possibility of disease, and many of these tests are a regular part of a medical check-up.

A check from time to time allows a ongoing health care and can help early detection of some diseases, which is why the HM Hospitales group launched last year a specialized service aimed at promoting check-ups as an essential tool in prevention. HH checks it is available in six group hospitals (HM Sanchinarro, HM Montepríncipe and HM Puerta del Sur, in Madrid, HM Nou Delfos in Barcelona, ​​HM Rosaleda in Santiago de Compostela and HM Modelo in A Coruña).

Even without pathologies present, it is advisable to have a check-up, since it will allow us to notice any alteration in our body that may require follow-up, such as hypertension or cholesterol. It is a global action on health for greater physical and even mental well-being, for the peace of mind that comes from knowing that one is healthy.

Personalized genetic tests

“Check-ups are aimed at evaluating the state of health and prevent some pathologies associated with the type of work, sex, age, lifestyle and personal and family medical history”, explains Dr. Niko Mihic, director of the Personalized Early Prevention Unit at HM Hospitales. And, although there is a patient profile for which it is more advisable to do this type of check-up annually (usually, from the age of fifty), the diversity of existing tests applies to anyone and to all ages.

Thus, explains Dr. Santiago Ruiz de Aguiar, territorial director of HM Hospitales in Madrid, “in our check-up model, we have designed Specific initiatives to cover other types of population. There are check-ups available for children and adolescents, for people over 65 years of age, aimed at detecting cardiovascular problems, tumor pathologies…”.

It all depends on the healthcare professional recommendation, who will be the one who indicates to the patient which tests are most convenient based on their state of health, medical history, age and lifestyle. For Dr. Mihic, “it is fundamental take time with each patient and send them a prior questionnaire to find out in advance what their risk factors are, family history, symptoms of any current pathology if it exists”. The goal is to offer a custom coveragecovering the most prevalent pathologies in each group.

The checks include basic tests such as blood and urine tests, imaging tests (ultrasound, CT, mammography in women), cardiology assessment tests, digestive system tests (endoscopy), calcium examinations, vascular status, colonoscopy, abdominal ultrasound, audiometry, ophthalmological tests and otorhinolaryngology, and gynecology or urology depending on the gender of the user.

All these tests are done in the same day and, in a week, the patient receives the detailed report with the results. “The only exception, which will carry an individualized assessment, resides in the event that our patient request a genetic test which will require a detailed consultation by the corresponding department”, warns Dr. Ruiz de Aguiar.

In these cases, prevention can be deepened by doing more specific tests that evaluate their genetic load to discover if there is a genetic predisposition to disease. It would be the case of thecolonoscopies starting at age fiftyif there is a family history, for the detection of colorectal cancer”, says Dr. Niko Mihic.

The wide range of diagnostic tests involves numerous specialties, so check-ups are carried out under the supervision of a multidisciplinary team made up of experts in Internal Medicine, Diagnostic Imaging, Cardiology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Gynecology and Urology.

A trusted service

The service HH checks has established itself as a reference for companies from all sectorsfrom large media to pharmaceutical and biomedical companies, construction companies, technology companies, energy companies, food distributors, soccer clubs, aeronautics, insurers… More than one thirty companiesmany of them from the Ibex 35, which have trusted HM Hospitales to carry out check-up campaigns on almost 300 executives and also its employees.

The confidence granted to this service is also based on additional benefits such as the existence of a coordinator who is in charge of the entire administrative process of patients.

through the figure of HMCare seeks to “accompany the user throughout the check-up process, attending to their needs and offering exclusive personalized attention. In addition, an exclusive communication channel has been created for HM Checkups, which has its own direct telephone number, a specific website and qualified personnel exclusively for the unit”, sums up Dr. Ruiz de Aguiar.

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