collaboration to improve cognitive deficit

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SEMG collaboration agreement with Reicop to advise and train patients and families in self-care and adherence to treatment.

The Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians (SEMG) has signed a collaboration agreement with Cognitiva Unidad de Memoria to work together in the development of research projects and scientific activities in relation to the cognitive deficitswith special attention to those related to the persistent covid-19as reported by the SEMG in a press release.

In the same way, with the agreements recently signed by the president of the SEMG, Antonio Fernandez-Proand the vice president of the scientific society and president of the Spanish Research Network on Persistent Covid-19 (recop), Pilar Rodríguez, it is intended to develop training programs and activities aimed at health professionals that contribute to improving clinical practice and care for patients and family members or caregivers with these cognitive problems.

Thanks to this new collaboration, from SEMG and Cognitiva Unidad de Memoria it will be possible to advise and train to patients, family members and caregivers in self-care and improvement of adherence to treatment, synergies will be promoted in order to improve the quality of life of the patient and family members, as well as actions that help spread the importance of prevention. To achieve this, they will hold periodic meetings and formative that contribute to the advance and to elaborate consensus for the approach of the disease, has added the medical society.

multidisciplinary work

the centers Cognitive Memory Unit They have multidisciplinary teams made up of psychologists, neuropsychologists, social workers, occupational therapists and speech therapists who work to contain the progression of the diseasegiving the person greater autonomy, independence and quality of life.

In their comprehensive intervention model, they cover the patient, in a preventive or rehabilitative nature, and also family members and caregivers, working with psychoeducation programsteaching coping strategies for activities of daily living, and thus integrating the emotional, cognitive and social area.

From SEMG they highlight the “key role” that the Family medicine When carrying out a comprehensive and holistic evaluation, the importance is great when it comes to achieving the best assessment and care of cognitive deficits; as well as the value of coordination with those professionals who, due to their discipline and specialty, address these disorders, as is the case of the multidisciplinary team of the Cognitive Memory Unit.

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