Cleaning influencers: with their tips they will help you to have everything in order

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Influencers Cleaning Tips For The House
They give cleaning tips in just a few seconds. Photo: Getty Images

The cleaning habits are basic for keep a nice house and if you add to this the visual beauty that plants provide, your space will shine. On this occasion, we share some influencer tips that will help you to have everything in order.

The calls cleaning influencers have gained followers for your tips for the home and many times what they share are simple routines so that dust and dirt do not appear around.

Cleaning influencers and their tips for a beautiful house

Vanessa Amaro

The TikTok user is a phenomenon for its tips to clean and cleaning and incidentally, has gained admiration because in its contents it tells how the reality of the domestic workers.

Vanesa is a Mexican living in USA and has more than 5.8 million followers.

According to the influencer, you should not have a sponge to clean for more than two months. His videos are usually in English and he also has a version of their advices in Spanish.

Here he teaches you how to fold a drawer sheet:

And how about your decorations with the toilet paper?

Vasilvana 1

This young woman gives cleaning tips in social networks. The content he shares also includes his cooking recipes and travel adventures.

Alice Iglesias

She is a Spaniard who defines herself as a “professional organizer.” In one of her videos, she tells you in detail how to keep your mattress in good condition, how to remove stains from it, and how often to turn it over.

On her channel, order and cleaning at home, she publishes mini habits that don’t take more than 5 minutes.

I am a housewife

This is how this Argentinian named Nes, who enjoys doing the homework and share it. He has a degree in Design and from a young age they instilled in his family the importance of cleanliness and order.

Here are his tips for impeccable windows:

and tips for an organized room:


For this mother of two children, cleaning the house is a job that also helps the mental health. Also, use natural hygiene ingredients because your first choice is not chemicals like chlorine.

The Venezuelan tells you how to leave the house before leaving on a trip:

Segú, Veruska Gómez, her real name, so you can remove the smell of food After cooking…

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