Class 2022 of Nurses and Nurses Specialists in Family Medicine graduates

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By Argimiro Leon

The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and the National Union of Social Security Workers (SNTSS) section 24, jointly and committedly promote the personal and professional improvement of Nursing personnel in different specialties.

On behalf of the head of the IMSS, Dr. Jorge Martínez Torres, and within the framework of the closing of the post-technical course for the preparation of nurses and nurse specialists in Family Medicine, the coordinator of planning and institutional liaison of the head of medical benefits, doctor Samira Castillo Aguilar, pointed out that this course is focused on the care of the individual, the family and the community, with which it is intended to respond to the needs of the population.

“This further multiplies all the humanitarian actions and all the experiences that have been developed throughout these 11 months, in this home of OOAD Nayarit, since it has been demonstrated that we are one of the best venues for these objectives,” he said. the doctor.

She explained that the cap that was imposed on them now that they are specialist nurses in Family Medicine, symbolizes simplicity, service and professionalism, since you have decided to be nurses by vocation.

On their occasion, the representative of the General Secretary of Section 24 of the SNTSS, Dr. Rosario Barragán Reyes, and the secretary of technical affairs, Brenda Martínez Pardo congratulated the graduates and recognized the effort to reach this goal and urged the graduates to continue growing personally and professionally.

As part of the graduation ceremony, caps were placed on the 16 nurses; and to the nurses a fistol, always remembering that the cap represents a spirit of service, living without malice, humility, justice, fighting sin, mercy, sincerity and the capacity to suffer.

The post-technical course of the specialty in Family Medicine was completed: Perla A. Aguiñaga, Karen G. Amparo, Jenifer M. Chávez, Susana E. Delgado, Jazmín E. Escoto, Rocío Flores, Perla E. Hernández, Luz del Carmen Ledesma, Lucía Montero, Carmen P. Padrón, María Cándida Partida, María de los Ángeles Ramos, Karina Rivera, Marcelino Rojas, Carmen C. Vázquez, Ernesto Velázquez, Ma. Guadalupe Zepeda and Gabriela Zúñiga.

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