Citibanamex withdrawal fails in Australia; ask to visit branch

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  • Ipsos drove a study where he found which industries have the worst customer service.

  • citibanamex is for sale in Mexico, a market where it competes against a wide range of banking entities.

  • The experience in citibanamex It has become an example of how important it is to innovate before the consumer, not only in product offerings, but also in solutions.

A user of citibanamex documented on his social networks the quality of care he received when he was in Australia and tried to withdraw money from your account. The solution: go back to Mexico to your branch office.

This case is a bad index where we discover the challenge of adapting customer service to an international market, in which the consumer has become accustomed to responsible practices and, most importantly, to unconditional attention, regardless of the moment of the purchase process. purchase in which the user is.

Citibanamex to a user in Australia: “Go to the branch”

The user of TikTok @holasoy.natasha revealed in her account the experience she had in Australia, when trying to withdraw cash from her card citibanamex from an ATM in Australia, when his plastic became disabled, preventing him from accessing the cash he had saved in that account.

Information revealed by the user documented how difficult it is to call Citibanamex customer service from Australia, as well as the indication she received that to obtain the replacement of her bank plastic she had to go to a bank branch in Mexico, a complicated task. considering that it is located in Oceania.

In the clarification made by the user of TikTokshe explains that as part of the terrible experience she had, they asked her for information from an official document that she issued the day she opened an account at the bank, however, despite this, they indicated that the information was incorrect.

By showing the poor service he received from the bank, he recorded the customer service call where, after entering his account data, they identify it as non-existent.

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The experience became an antecedent of the challenges that exist in banking for users of these financial institutions, especially in a globalized market, where practices such as proposing to go to a branch to resolve an error committed by the bank, when the user is in another part of the world, it simply has no place.

This terrible experience contrasts with the pattern in which Citibanamex has invested with personalities such as Alan Estrada, an actor who gained popularity by recording his travels around the world on the channel of the same name as Alan around the World.

Alan is an ambassador for the bank and in various campaigns he has promoted his plastics as a payment option and access to cash in the world, when people are traveling or in various destinations in the world.

From experiences to experiences

Accessing money abroad or demonstrating purchasing power outside the country with plastics from Mexican banks has given rise not only to complaints about poor service against Citibanamex, but also to demonstrating how certain plastics are used to make purchases abroad.

This has been the case with Coppel, when a user demonstrated that he had personalized his card by changing the ordinary plastic chip to a personalized gold-plated metallic one.

The experiences that brands currently offer are benchmarks of how valuable the presence of the banking brand has become before an account holder, not only with financial products, but also with adequate solutions to these products in the face of challenges that arise with their use.

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