Citibanamex cloned the creator of Onlyfans and this is all he lost

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  • An estimate of The Nilson Report warns of the economic impact of fraudulent payment with bank plastics in the world.

  • The case of the creator of onlyfans joins that of comedian Lorena de la Garza, who also denounced the cloning of her card.

  • The creator of OnlyFans found that her deposits of more than 56 thousand and 46 thousand pesos went to purchases within Disney or PlayStation.

The content creator at onlyfans Aradia denounced in TikTok cloning your card citibanamexwhere he saved his income until he realized that he only had 20 pesos, when he tried to buy a jacket gucci of 90 thousand pesos.

In The Nilson Report I know estimated that the value of fraudulent payments with bank plastics was 32 billion dollars worldwide in 2021 and the expectation for coming years does not improve, on the contrary, this phenomenon is expected to reach 38 billion dollars in 2027 .

The growth figures in malpractice and its cost are as follows: 2021, 32.04 thousand million dollars; 2023, 32.96 billion dollars; 2025, 35.31 billion dollars and 2027, 38.5 billion dollars.

OnlyFans savings

170 thousand pesos were spent from the credit card citibanamex of Aradia, who refers, it was all the savings he got from creating content for onlyfans.

The woman warns that it all started when she asked for a car on a platform similar to InDriverwhere due to the driver’s lack of expertise, he lent him his cell phone so that he could use the navigator.

When getting out of the car, Aradia remembers that she forgot her cell phone inside the vehicle and when trying to retrieve it, the driver turned off the device.

Time passed and when he tried to buy a Gucci jacket for 90,000 pesos, the credit card citibanamex The one she tried to pay with didn’t go through, so she finally realized her card had been cloned.

The irregularities that she denounced against the bank were mainly due to the fact that the creator suffered a series of refusals to initiate the complaint and finally to have an end to her case, since, she explains, Despite the fact that he received a partial refund of everything he lost due to the cloning of his account, he registers a negative balance in it that remains unclear.

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The case is added to the cloning complaint that the comedian Lorena de la Garza made in May of this year, when she denounced that she noticed strange purchases such as the acquisition of doors for the home, which alerted the famous comedian.

“I always say that Consuelo is my sister and the blood brothers too, because we fight. So, we have differences, but that does not mean that you stop loving each other (…) And well, it happened many years ago, the point was clarified and nothing, we are very fond of each other, ”she explained at the time.

The bad practices around bank plastics as well as the cases that are exposed in this note reveal the challenge in consumption and the need for better protocols, as well as a culture where the role of the consumer is more active.

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