Chuponcito is linked to a process for sexual harassment of Carla Oaxaca

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Joseph Albert Flores, known as pacifier and who rose to fame thanks to his participation in Is it fair, is in serious trouble, because in one of the legal proceedings he faces for sexual harassment, it was recently reported that will be linked to process.

It was during the program windowing where it was announced advance of the case of Carla Oaxaca. According to what was reported, the comedian will have to face a legal process.

axaChuponcito (Instagram).

Carla Oaxaca said she felt satisfied with the decision that the authorities had taken and that very soon the comedian will be notified of this advance.

In addition, he pointed out that he considers that justice does exist and that he will only wait for the sentence to arrive:

“I had to resort to the third instance. It will be linked to the process, it will be notified in order to start a trial and to decide the sentence that has to be reached. I’m satisfied. I know that justice does exist,” she mentioned.

So far, the comedian Chuponcito has not spoken on the subject. However, the famous has repeatedly denied the accusations against him.

Chuponcito is accused of sexually harassing his manager.  (instagram)
Chuponcito is accused of sexually harassing his manager. (instagram)

Carla Oaxaca case, former manager of Chuponcito

It was at the end of 2020, when it became known that the famous comedian was facing a lawsuit for sexual harassment, after his former assistant Carla Oaxaca accused him. The events, according to the young woman, occurred from 2017 to 2020. He assured that he was a victim of sexual violence.

According to her testimony, Chuponcito sent her harassing messages, touched her in a morbid way and even tried to kiss her at one point. In addition to the fact that, according to what he said, she was fired unjustifiably.

Chuponcito (Instagram).
Chuponcito (Instagram).

Carla Oaxaca also gave an interview for the Hoy program, where she emphasized what she experienced with Chuponcito:

“I think we were doing a very good work dumbbell, when suddenly some comments begin that at first I feel like a pretense and comments like ‘give me a kiss’, ‘imagine that I’m someone else, ‘I’m in love with you’ start each time. , and it is not worth it ”, he commented for Hoy.

Likewise, the woman denied that Chuponcito had fired her due to the pandemic, Well, according to her, he fired her since January.

“There are more women involved. I would not like to go into those details, however there are the rumours. The gentleman knows what he has done, he does not correspond to me; It is up to each one of them to speak”, said Carla Oaxaca in an interview.



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