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Christian Nodal decided to take a young woman on stage to sing with her;  In social networks, users say that she looks like Belinda.
Nodal sings to a fan just like Belinda. Photo: Cuartoscuro | File, Archive

Although the relationship between Belinda Y Christian Nodal It ended months ago, actions of one or the other continue to cause the conversation on networks to end up involving them, as happened with him a few days ago during a concert, the same in which he decided to bring a young woman on stage who, they say, looks like Belinda.

the follower of Christian NodalPaola Parra, climbed from TikTok this dream experience in which he described that the security elements caused him to break the banner where he wrote “you sing in my ear” and a gift that he brought to the singer.

The Nodal’s followerwhich they say is very similar to Belindabefore the concert I was more than ready to have the meeting with Christian Nodal. In her networks, the young woman described that a man saw her sad at the concert and decided to fix her banner, to which he thanked her for her kind gesture.

Fan similar to Belinda writes a banner for her and Nodal takes her on stage

Suddenly, she said that a person came and told her to follow her because Christian he had invited him to go on stage with him, to which he said he couldn’t believe it by making his dream come true. In the video images, Paola Parrayou can see him radiating with joy when he is with Nodal chanting the hit “Eres”.

“A magical night with a special person, you made me the happiest woman in the world… just thank you @Christian Nodal #forajidotour #nodal #forajido #NODAL #sanantonio #texas #nodalfans #nodaloficial #nodal #nodalarmy”.

Paola Parra

Among the comments that netizens wrote to him on his account TikTok stand out:

  • Is that you have a resemblance to his ex, well, I think so. You’re very beautiful
  • He thought it was Beli
  • And you look like Belinda
  • Christian Nodal likes blondes and pretty girls
  • Has it reminded someone???
  • You have something similar to Beli

When Christian Nodal He took her up on stage, he did not stop looking at the eyes of this beautiful and young blonde, even to the envy of all his fans, he even danced with her and took her by the hand on several occasions, while the girl with her cell phone captured her moment dreamed of. Do you think she looks like Belinda?

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