Christian Nodal: fortune, songs and more; 5 facts that, perhaps, you did not know about the singer

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Christian Nodal: fortune, songs and more;  5 facts that, perhaps, you did not know about the singer
Christian Nodal is one of the most popular singers. Photo: AFP

Christian Nodal achieved fame a few years ago with successful songs from called the mariacheño genre, that have been placed in the taste of the public that follows the career of the famous, and although he usually shares part of his life with his fans, unotv.com It tells you information that, perhaps, you did not know about Belinda’s ex-fiancee.

Facts about Christian Nodal

the fame of Christian Nodal has led him to be one of the stars in the music industry who has a great fortune, which, according to IMDb and Forbeswould amount to about 120 million dollars.

It is said that the famous man, who gave an expensive engagement ring to Belindayou can win Half a million dollars for presentation.

  • Nodal’s debut that broke a record

The young man from sonorous debuted in august 2017 with the album “I let myself go“, from which the theme emerges “Goodbye Love”composed by salvador garzaand which was placed in the “first place in the list of regional Mexican songs”, according to the page of SonyMusic.

With the simple with in which Christian Nodal debuted, broke a record, according to the record company.

“Nodal is the first Regional Mexicano soloist to reach YouTube’s Billion Views Club for accumulating a staggering more than a billion views for a single video thanks to “Adiós Amor”. In addition, he is the first artist of the genre to debut on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with his song ‘Botella after Botella’”

  • The talent to compose songs

In addition to being one of the most listened to singers, Christian Nodal, who revealed that Belinda was asking for money for her and her parents, is also a prominent composer. According to the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexicothere are several issues registered in the name of Gonzalez Nodal Christian Jesusfull name of the singer.

Among the almost 60 songs registered to his name, the following stand out:

  • “Now”
  • “toxic love”
  • “Ay ay ay”
  • “Of the kisses I gave you”
  • “The scoundrel”
  • Christian Nodal’s educational level

It is known that the singer completed his upper secondary level studies in Ensenada, Baja California; however, it is unknown if the interpreter of “We are no longer nor will we be”a theme that he released after his break with Belinda, has studies at a higher level.

However, his own Nodalwho kept his promise to one of his teachershas said that it was not bad studentbut it was clear that he wanted to dedicate himself to music and achieve success over a stage.

  • Speedy González and his relationship with the singer

One of the cartoons Christian Nodal has taken as banner is Speedy Gonzalez, the mouse characterized by his hat and his speed. But the character has meaning in the singer’s life and career, as he has explained in interviews.

“The roll that Speedy González is one of my favorite characters and I feel like it’s me. He is supposed to be the fastest little mouse in the whole world, or in Mexico. He identifies me a lot because of how my career has been: super fast… Whenever I upload this photo it is because something very powerful is coming. Whenever I put it on, it is to represent that I am already going from Speedy González, that something machín is going to come out ”,

Christian Nodal.

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