Christian Nodal appears in his first public event with Cazzu and… without tattoos!

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Gone are the rumors of an alleged infidelity, because for the first time, Christian Nodal and Cazzu were caught together at a public eventbut without a doubt what caught the attention is that the famous singer appeared without a single tattoo on his face.

For a few days, Nodal surprised by appearing on social networks without any tattoo on his face and as expected, the speculations on the subject were immediately present.

The singer’s fans assured that perhaps it was makeup for the recording of a new video and other more skeptical flatly considered that the tattoos that he presumed were false.

Nodal reappears with Cazzu and without tattoos

And although it is not known what happened to the artist’s tattoos, the speculations were reinforced again, after he was caught in the delivery of the Gardel Awards 2022one of the most important music galas in Argentina, where He saw him with his girlfriend Cazzu and without any tattoos.

The couple was more in love than ever enjoying the shows that were presented during the gala, which was held on Tuesday, but what caught the attention of the media was the singer’s face without a single drop of ink. As if that were not enough, on social networks the famous uploaded more stories in which he focused the camera on his face.

Did Christian Nodal remove his tattoos?

As expected, the images of the singer caused a stir on social networks where speculation about whether he had definitely removed them began to circulate.

There were those who claimed that the artist used the laser to remove them, but others pointed out that he had only used makeup to hide them.

Amid much speculation, it was the artist himself who revealed the truth and confirmed that the rumors about the makeup were truealthough he did not show the process that allowed him to cover his tattoos.