Chris Hemsworth’s non-stop dumbbell workout

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Photo credit: Don Arnold – Getty Images

Chris Hemwsort could be enjoying the holidays after the success of the premiere ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. However, the Australian does not relax his training for a moment because he wants to make the most of his profile for an action movie. In addition, this is a great advantage for his followers because they can learn from their workout routines to apply at home.

Chris Hemwsortth’s latest proposal to achieve arms like Thor requires working with dumbbells in a non-stop exercise. The 37-year-old actor has published a sequence on Instagram that he recommends to his followers.

Is about 10 repetitions before switching to a different exercise. The main difficulty is that do not stop until 50 total repetitions. These are the exercises:

  1. Dumbbell burpee and press (a push-up, stand up and lift the weight with both arms above head height). 10 repetitions.

  2. Squat with curl press. The difficulty lies in a good synchronization to rotate the arms with the movement of ascent and descent without losing the position of the spine. 10 repetitions.

  3. Alternate lunge with curl. Without losing sight of the leg exercise (back lunge recommended), the strength in the arms for the up and down twist movement is conserved. 10 repetitions.

  4. Bicep curls. The movement is simplified to use only the arms with the turn to concentrate all the effort on the biceps after the effort accumulated in the preceding movements. 10 repetitions.

  5. shoulder press The dumbbells above represent a maximum effort to finish after working with the previous exercises. Technique is essential over speed, since an optimal way of carrying out these activities with weight must be prioritized to avoid injuries and to make the most of the sacrifice.

To help his imitators, Chris Hemsworth posted a video in which you complete all these exercises:

For the most demanding, Chris Hemsworth suggests rest 60 seconds at the end of the routine and repeat up to 5 times. Surely they are a good recipe to achieve the arms of the god of thunder.