Chivas recovered borrowed players Halftime

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Chivas returned to training with novelties, not new faces, but yes old acquaintances that They will seek to fill the technician’s eyeVeljko Paunovic ahead of Clausura 2023 in Liga MX.

Young elements, others of experiencebut it was good news that there are faces that had already gone through the club and that they will try to stay. So the cases of Zahid Muñoz and Alejandro Organista, both on loan to Atlético de San Luistable that will not make the purchase option valid.

In other parts of the field there are people with more experience. For example, Josecarlos van Rankin finished a new loan with the Portland Timbers and he returned, although they took him incognito, and without a doubt he can be an interesting element on the right side. He could fight for the position with Alan Mozo and Jesús Sánchez.

On the other side of the defense also returned a known: Alejandro Mayorgawho is not yet at Cruz Azul.

He went through Pumas, returned to Chivas and it was borrowed, Now he will have to fight for the position on the left side and more when Miguel Ángel Ponce does not follow in the club, soe Jesús Orozco, Cristian Calderón would be his “enemies” in the post.

Who else drew attention by not staying at Atlanta Unitedwhere he was for almost 8 months was Ronaldo Cisneros.

The attacker had good numbers. 30 games, 7 goals and 1 assist put him at the top of the scoring in his squad, it seemed that he had everything to stay and he didn’t stay.

Cisneros will fight for the position to stay with people like Ángel Zaldívar, Santiago Ormeño and José Juan Macíasthe latter still recovering from the knee.

Lastly, the goalkeeper José Antonio Rodríguez also has to report when he does not enter into plans for Querétaropainting to which he was lent for a year.

And Alexis Pena?

Alexis Peña is another who has to return, however, with him the issue is different, since Chivas does not seek to keep it after being part of an indiscipline that he committed with other players in 2020 and that it cost them to be ‘banned’. They were all accommodated, but the defender is still part of the club. He already went to Cruz Azul and Necaxa, but they didn’t buy him, although he had great performances. Your loan ends on December 31.

Raúl Gudiño did not stay at Atlanta United, but he is free

Special mention of the goalkeeper, Raul Gudinowho in 2022 broke the 6-month contract with Chivas, and after failing to reach an agreement, left the club.

He went to Atlanta United with a temporary contract, but he did not stay and the MLS team announced his withdrawalso now you must find accommodation on your own.


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