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they are already 20 years of Chivas in the hands of Vergara family; was the October 31, 2022 when Club Guadalajara became the property of the businessman from Guadalajara Jorge Carlos Vergara Madrigal (RIP), in a sale that for many was controversial, for others historic, but that was good for the trajectory of the Sacred Flock.

In an administration that has had its ahighs and lows, Vergara gave Chivas a change, which in that 2002 passed through financial and sports problemsso the businessman bought 87 percent of the shares and, from there, his era and new momentum began.

Chivas had a very bad time with the Sports Promoter, who rented the team for 10 years, and his management was about to end. Given this, Vergara brought together the more than 200 members and made a presentation and three proposals.

The first consisted of pay one million 250 thousand pesos and also to be a member of the new SA The following: one million 750 thousand pesos to be paid in January 2003 and eight quarterly payments until reaching six million pesos; and the last one: 3.5 million pesos in deferred payments until 2023 as its settlement.

“When I bought Chivas, I did not have 260 million dollars that I was going to pay for Chivas, but not even going to dance to Chalma. Now I can say it, because I already paid for them, but if they had known that back then they wouldn’t sell it. I asked for a termI talked to the finance people and told them: ‘How much do I need to grow to raise the money to pay them?’ They gave me the percentage of what Omnilife had to grow, I dedicated myself to growing Omnilife to be able to pay them, after two and a half years I paid them without any day delay. I paid everything we had agreed to buy Chivas”, he confessed Vergara during a talk, some years ago.

The sale was finally made, and Vergara immediately went to work. Daniel Guzmán was the first technical director of the Vergara era, Well, the 2002 Apertura ended and he left Guadalajara after falling in the Quarterfinals against Toluca.

hired Edward of the Tower for the Clausura 2002 and since then the date has passed 27 technical directors: 24 with Jorge as president and three with Amaury, his son.

Among his first decisions was remove the sponsors from the uniform Chivashave their own brand, and for the 2003 Apertura they hired the Dutchman, Hans Westerhofwho has been the coach with the highest effectiveness in his era with 57 percent.

With Hans, Chivas reached their first Final of the Vergara era, which they lost in the Clausura 2004 on penalties to Pumas 5-4.

The improvement continued on the pitch and Chivas agreed to the Copa Libertadores for two years in a row: 2005 and 2006. In both competitions they stayed in the Semifinals against Atlético Paranaense and Sao Paulo.

I logged in first league title in 2006 under the technical direction of Jose Manuel de la Torre by beating Toluca 3-2 on aggregate.

Several technicians passed by and in 2010, with Joseph Louis Royal on the bench, Guadalajara had a great year, which allowed him to be in the Final of the Copa Libertadores, and also sell Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez to the Man Utd in a historical operation.

Chivas went through a sports crisis

For him 2011Chivas got into a sports crisis for which they passed a large number of technicians and for 2012 announced the arrival of the Dutch projectJohan Cruyffbut he did not walk either and it was not until 2015 when they tried to get out of the bad results and hired Matias Almeydawho in 2017 gave him his second and last title to the Sacred Flock in these two decades.

In fact, El Pelado is the DT with the most directed duels of the Vergara era with 146in which he won five titles: Liga MX, two Copa MX, Concachampions 2018 and the Super Cup.

Slowly, Vergara Madrigal was moving away from Chivas for health reasons and passed away in New York on November 15, 2019 to leave everything in the hands of his son, Amaury.

always controversial

From 2002 to 2019, which was leading Chivas, Jorge Vergara was characterized by giving freshness to the clubbecause he challenged the television stations and decided to broadcast his duels as a local for his own sign (Chivas TV), which on the one hand caused anger, and on the other set the tone for the new sports entertainment in Mexico.

His displays were also a fashion, since it gave him a very different flavor to soccer, and that caused him several anger and enmityas with the former Pumas player: Ailton daSilva.

In 2010, he fulfilled one of his dreams and promises when he became Chivas: inaugurated the Guadalajara stadium and left Jalisco. He then omnilife stadium It premiered with a friendly between Chivas and Manchester United.

also decided change the shield of Chivas. They made some changes to it and this cost him the anger of many followers and a great controversy that was gradually avoided.

innovated in the bets with soccer peoplel, and flavored the Clásicos Tapatío and Nacional with money, and later with help for noble causes, which was well responded by his rivals.

He and his family are criticized for giving few results in terms of titles, since there are two League championships in 20 years of management, although these have added up so that Chivas is the second most winning team on the MX League with 12 titles.

Currently, with Amaury VergaraChivas is in restructures. I arrive Ferdinand Iron as sports director and they are looking for a coach with the intention of reinvigorating Club Guadalajara and taking it far.

The Technical Directors in the Vergara era

  • Daniel Guzmán (Opening 2002)
  • Eduardo de la Torre (Closing 2003-Opening 2003)
  • Hans Westerhof (Opening 2003-Closing 2004 and Closing 2006)
  • Benjamín Galindo (Opening 2004-Opening 2005 and Closing 2013-Opening 2013)
  • Juan Carlos Ortega (Opening 2005 and Opening 2013)
  • Xabier Azkargorta (Opening 2005)
  • José Manuel de la Torre (Closing 2006-Opening 2007 and Opening 2014-Opening 2015)
  • Efraín Flores (Opening 2007-Closing 2009)
  • Omar Arellano (Closure 2009)
  • Francisco Ramírez (Closing 2009-Opening 2009)
  • Raúl Arias (Opening 2009)
  • José Luis Real (Opening 2009-Opening 2011 and Closing 2014)
  • Fernando Quirarte (Opening 2011-Closing 2012)
  • Ignacio Ambriz (Closure 2012)
  • Alberto Coyote and Manuel Martínez (Closing 2012)
  • John van’t Schip (Opening 2012)
  • Ricardo La Volpe (Closing 2014)
  • Carlos Bustos (Opening 2014)
  • Ramón Morales (Opening 2014)
  • Matías Almeyda (Opening 2015-Closing 2018)
  • José Saturnino Cardozo (Opening 2018-Closing 2019)
  • Alberto Coyote (Interim Closing 2019)
  • Tomás Boy (Closing 2019-Opening 2019)
  • Luis Fernando Tena (Opening 2019 – Closing 2020)
  • Víctor Manuel Vucetich (Closing 2020 – Opening 2021)
  • Michel Leaño (Opening 2021 – Closing 2022)
  • Ricardo Cadena (Closing 2022 – Opening 2022)

Managers during the Vergara era

  • Carlos Moyano (2002)
  • Ivar Sisniega (2003-2005)
  • Nestor de la Torre (2003-2009)
  • Juan Jose Frangie (2005-2007)
  • Pedro Saez (2009)
  • Rafael Lebrija (2009-2010)
  • Ephraim Flores (2010)
  • Raphael Ortega (2011-2012)
  • Johan Cruyff and Todd Beane (2012)
  • Marcelo Leaño and Dennis Te Kloese (2012-2013)
  • Juan Herrero and Francisco Palencia (2013-2014)
  • Rafael Rio Bridge (2014)
  • Nestor de la Torre (2014-15)
  • Jose Luis Higuera (2015-2019)
  • Jaime Ordiales (2015-2016)
  • Francisco Gabriel de Anda (2018)
  • Mariano Varela (2018-19)
  • Ricardo Peĺáez (2020-2022)
  • Ferdinand Iron (2022)


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