Chiquis shows off her figure in a bikini and says that her superpower is to be herself without apologizing

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After carrying out a new comprehensive regimen that includes changes in diet, exercise and body care, chiquis He has transformed his figure. Although the eldest daughter of Jenni Rivera She did not hesitate to show her curvaceous figure with a few extra kilos, now that she has lost weight she is not afraid to show off her new silhouette either. Thus, she released a video where she wears a tiny black bikini, to pose, revealing her body.

“Your superpower is to be you without apologizing. To truly own what you are destined to be and do in this world without the opinions of others affecting it,” Chiquis wrote to accompany said audiovisual. “It’s not easy to come to this resolve, but once you master it…you experience true happiness! Be you, flaws and all.”

The famous caused a stir thanks to these images; Given this, the fans did not hesitate to speak about it with mixed opinions. “Chiquis contradicts everything in her life; she says that the opinions of others do not affect her, but she made all those changes because she could not stand the bullying when they called her nicknames. She should not forget respect for her, self-esteem and the values, they never change,” said a netizen.

“I’ll never understand what they’re trying to do with those photos! Is the girl okay? She looks great but I think bathing suits are used on the beach”; “You look spectacularly beautiful”; “You don’t need to show your body to succeed, that’s what those without talent do”; “You are what everyone calls a woman; I simply call it: divine blessing”; “You can’t find how to attract attention. You urgently need a psychologist Chiquis”, and “With money I even send myself to slice a little from all sides”, were other comments.

Chiquis has declared that her current boyfriend, Emilio Sánchez, is behind her new figure; so he is happy to expose her publicly.


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