China discovers new mineral Changesite on the Moon- Uno TV

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China finds a new mineral on the Moon that they named Changesite, which was obtained from the Chang'e-5 space probe.
China discovers new mineral Changesite on the Moon. Photo: AFP

Scientists from the Beijing Uranium Geology Research Institute they found a new ore on the Moon and they called him Changesite, after analyzing small particles from samples on the Earth satellite.

Changesite is he sixth new mineral discovered on the Moonwhich places China As the third country in the world to discover new lunar minerals. It was identified from 1,731 grams of lunar samples that Chang’e-5 returned to Earth in 2020the unique in the last 44 years.

Li Ting, lunar sample research expert from the Beijing Uranium Research Institutesaid that this family is divided into two groups: one is Whitlockitewhich is located in the Land; and the Changesite the subgroup is called brianite, typical alien orethat only appears on the moon and meteorites.

Its elemental composition and content are different from known minerals in this group.. Is he first new lunar mineral discovered by the Chinese forks phosphate in mineralogy. Changesite It is very small, no larger than 10 microns. It is impossible to see it with the naked eye, only after zooming in with professional equipment can scientists see its outline.

What are the characteristics of Changesite?

When asked how he cleared Changesite like a new ore, Li Ting He said that matter has two basic properties: one is the chemical compositionwhich refers to the elements that compose it, and the other is the crystal structurewhich refers to how these elements are arranged.

“Each mineral corresponds to a set of rules. If a position is occupied by a different element, or the elements are arranged differently, it is a new mineral.”

Li Ting, a lunar sample research expert at the Beijing Uranium Research Institute

Why did China give this name to this new mineral?

the new ore Changesite bears the name of the lovely lady changethat legendarily lives on the Moon with a cute rabbit in traditional Chinese mythology.

The new mineral was found on the Moon Changesite. PhotoGetty Images

Scientists believe that it could be a good gift for the Chinese when the mid autumn festivalas well as for all human beings, especially the younger generation, to inspire their curiosity and passion for scientific research and astronomical adventures.

In which probe did the Changesite arrive?

The Chang’e-5 probecomprising an orbiter, lander, ascender, and return, was launched on November 24, 2020. The return capsule landed on the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, North Chinaon December 17, 2020, recovering a total of 1,731 grams of lunar samples, mainly lunar surface rocks and soil.

In addition to the new ore Changesiteother important scientific research achievements, including the content and conditions of helium-3 extractionand the nanophase iron particles in lunar soilare also based on these samples.