Children’s carousel: what has become of Cirilo, played by Pedro Javier Rivero?

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Children's carousel: what has become of Cirilo, played by Pedro Javier Rivero?
What happened to Cirilo from “Children’s Carousel”? Photo: Shutterstock

In 1989, “Children’s carousel”one of the most important children’s melodramas, captivated viewers. Characters What Cirilo, María Joaquina or the endearing teacher Ximena They earned a place in the public that today, several years away, fondly remembers the actors. But What has happened to Pedro Javier Rivero, who gave life to Cirilo? unotv.com gives you the details.

What has happened to Pedro Javier Rivero, Cirilo in “Carousel de niños”?

Though Pedro Xavier Rivero he stole my heart with his tender character of Cyrilhis acting career did not continue like that of the Rest of the cast that consolidated careers such as the case of Ludwika Paleta or Gaby Rivero.

Through social networks, Pedro Xavier Rivero He usually shares images of his day to day in daily chores as is his job, apparently, in a building.

He has even shown that he is devoted to San Judas Tadeo, because he comes on October 28, the day on which the so-called “Saint of difficult causes” is celebratedto the church of Saint Hippolytus, in the capital of the country.

From child actor to UNAM graduate

After passing through the touching character of cyrilthe eternal lover of Maria Joaquina, Pedro Javier Riverocame out of the reflectors of the artistic medium.

However, he did not completely distance himself from the world of the arts, because after studying Communication Sciences at UNAMentered the National Center of Arts in the area of Social comunication.

It was in October 2021 when Pedro Xavier Riveroremembered as cyrilshared, through his instagram accountits college degree issued by the highest house of studies of our country. Publication that earned him the recognition of his friends and followers who remember him for his participation in “Children’s carousel”.

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