Child would have killed his mother in Milwaukee, USA, for not buying her a virtual reality set

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Child would have killed his mother in Milwaukee, USA, for not buying her a virtual reality set
At first it was believed that the minor accidentally fired the gun. Photo: AFP

Following what may be the latest event in a series of incidents of misconduct, a 10 year old boy is accused in Milwaukee, USAof killing his mother after deny him a virtual reality set.

What happened to the child?

According to authorities in Milwaukee, in the state of Wisconsin, the minor would have confessed to shooting his mother on November 21 because of his anger at the refusal to buy him a virtual reality set.

Likewise, while at first the police authorities answered the call to 911 for a alleged accidental shootingthe adolescent would have confessed to having fired on purpose, although he would have done it towards the wall, to scare the 44 year old womanwho received the bullet when crossing in front of him.

While he would also have assured that the mother woke him up early that day, around 6:30 a.m., and then refused to buy the equipment, which purchased a day after the woman’s death, and from her Amazon account.

And it is that while the case seemed at first to be prosecuted towards the theory of accidental firing, it would have been the family of the minor who communicated his suspicions to the Police about how the events occurred.

This is because the child already has a history of anger and behavior problems, the most recent occurring barely six months ago, when threw and lit a balloon filled with flammable liquid inside the house, leaving considerable damage in the living room of the house.

Finally, the authorities pointed out that, according to the confession of the child, whose identity remains unknown, as a warning to his mother, he would have taken the keys to the safe where they kept the weapon, taking it out and then firing the shot.

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