Child sees the Namor doll, by Tenoch Huerta, and confuses it with his father

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The TikTok user @ mikysosa1008 shared a video showing how her son mistook the character of Namor, played by actor Tenoch Huerta in the film ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,’ for his father.

In the recording it is seen that both are in the action figure area of ​​a place where they sold toys and the minor touched the toy of the Marvel character, for which the woman asked him: “Do you want this?”

When the little boy has the figure in his hands, he mentions: “Namor, dad”, for which his mother mentions: “your dad? Is he your dad? He is prettier than your dad. He’s not your dad.”

The publication generated comments that the Mexican was the successor to another celebrity figure admired by a generation of women: “Chayanne trembles, now the children have a new father”, “in 25 years, Huerta will be the father of many boys”, “I also want him to be the father of my blessing”, “now Chayanne is the grandfather”.

However, others commented on the value of this doll when representing Latin Americans: “finally a Marvel doll that looks like us”, “that is why representation is important”, “we must support our roots and our people. The impact is bigger than we imagine in our society”, “it is a beautiful representation of Latinos”, “that is exactly what the Poder Prieto movement is looking for, to identify ourselves with what we see in the media”.

In an interview that Tenoch Huerta gave during one of the events of ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’, the actor spoke about this topic and the children: “the only thing I want is that the next time the little girls look in the mirror feel proud of that reflection; Let them see that there was never anything wrong with them, except in the eyes that judged them. If that happens, I’m on the other side.”


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