Chicharito is missed, Jimenez out

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  • Khaled Ebraheim is one of the most expensive players in the Arab team with a value of 950 million euros.

  • The most expensive player on the Mexican team is Edson Álvarez.

  • El Chicharito is valued at 2 million euros.

The group the addictive composed a corrido where it is narrated that the fans miss Raph marquez and to Chicharitothis happened before the game that will be decisive to know if the Mexican team will qualify in the worldeverything depends on the results obtained in the duel against arabian.

The Arabian team It comes with great strength, since it started in the World Cup by beating the Albiceleste team 2-1, something that Mexico could not achieve, their victory surprised, because they beat a team that has one of the best players in the world who is Messidespite the fact that the selection of Arabia is considered one of the least expensive selections of the World, Since it is valued at 20 million euros, this team is the second cheapest after Qatar.

The selection of Argentina It occupies eighth place in the top of the most expensive soccer teams, since it exceeds 600 million euros.

Due to this, the Government of Saudi Arabia recognized the effort of the Arab team after defeating the Argentine team and it was decided to reward the players by giving them luxury cars of the brand rolls royce Phantom.

“The government announced that every player on the national soccer team who contributed to Saudi Arabia’s victory over Argentina will receive a Rolls Royce Phantom.”

The Saudi team is going to fight for the pass in the match with Mexico, as part of group C, so it will be a very decisive duel. One of the most expensive players in the Arab team, is khaled ebraheim with a value of 950 million euros, while of the Mexican team, the most expensive player is Edson alvarez with a value of 35 million euros, according to Transfermarket estimates.

One of the favorite players of the Mexican National Team is the Chicharitowho has stood out for having great popularity due to his good performance on the field, although unfortunately he did not attend this edition of the World Cup, however, he has shown his support for the Mexican team, through his social networks, currently his value is appraised at 2 million euros.

The addictive composes corrido: Chicharito is missed, they no longer put Jiménez to play

the musical group of the addictive was in charge of composing a corrido, in which it is mentioned that Rafa Márquez and Chicharito are missed, in addition to mentioning the fact that the Mexican National Team has not scored any goals, they also added that they should no longer play Raúl Jiménez, pointing out that he is good but that now he is not a million and that if Mexico does not score 4 goals, he is lost, the members of the Band interpreted said corrido with various musical instruments, wearing the shirt of the Mexican National Team.

Rafa Márquez is missed too much and also Chicharito

We have not scored a goal and the third game is coming

Do not put compa Jiménez anymore, he is good but right now that plebe is not a million

On Wednesday we play with Arabia and that is the decisive one

If we don’t score more than four goals, we’re lost

Don’t be scared of course you can.

@laadictivaoficial Rafa Márquez is missed too much and also Chicharito… 🎶 😂 GO MEXICO!!! 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽⚽️ #H#AddictiveHumorgreetings @miseleccionmx ♬ original sound – The Addictive

This is another one of the songs about the Chicharitosince he previously won his own song, due to his good results both nationally and internationally, Mexico he is nothing to be eliminated, for which the Mexicans have resented his absence in the World Cup, Rafa Márquez was another of the favorites in the Mexican National Team, however he is already retired due to his age.

Without a doubt, the band La addictiva created a good strategy to gain popularity through this song, publishing it just a few hours before the game that could get Mexico out of the World Cup begins, some Mexicans are expected to upload their TikToks with this corrido, giving fame to the audio and to the Band.

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