Charro and with mariachi! ‘El Potrillo’ returns to the border

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Juarez City.— After several years of absence of Alejandro Fernández in Juárez, this Saturday night he returned to the border as one of the most anticipated artists at the Expo Ganadera Fair.

Just on Friday, “El Potrillo” was at the wedding of his son Alex Fernández Jr., who married in the San Juan Macías temple, located in the most exclusive area of ​​Zapopan, Jalisco.

At 10:30 at night, dressed in his charro suit and to the rhythm of mariachi and accordion, ‘El Potrillo’ made his appearance on the acoustic shell of the Plaza de la Mexicanidad to the rhythm of ‘Sin tantita pena’.

Greeting the border men and singing to female beauty, he delighted the audience with ‘Es la mujer’, followed by a pause and dedicated a few words to his father Vicente Fernández “with this we honor the old man, who in a month celebrates the anniversary of having left ” and it started with ‘Estoscelos’.

“I haven’t been to Juarez for many years and I am very happy to be here again,” said Alejandro, who during the concert was accompanied by two dancers who graced his performances.

With ‘La mesa 20’ he spiced up the night and sang to the drunks of the night, who felt identified.

The thousands of border people who gathered at the concert, including the actors Marcos and Daniela Montero, as well as players from FC Juárez, sang each and every one of the melodies, but ‘Mátalas’ was one of the ones that started the most shouting. the crowd and that was chanted throughout the Plaza de la Mexicanidad.

‘Por tu adiós’ was one of the surprises of the night, an unpublished song that ‘El Potrillo’ presented to his audience before midnight, announcing a set of melodies that for him were something intimate, he continued with ‘Eso y más’ to honor “to the great teacher” Joan Sebastian.

The night passed merrily and with one song after another, pausing only to take a sip from a glass and rest the voice a bit.

During the long-awaited concert, hits were played such as ‘Today I have a desire for you’, a song that he recorded as a duet with Christina Aguilera; ‘A spanking’; ‘More I can’t, originally performed with Christian Nodal; ‘Don’t kiss him’ and ‘What a pity’.

The third of the Fernández dynasty was in charge of pleasing all the attendees, who happily toasted and some dedicated the songs to their partners.

‘Estrella’ was the last song that Alejandro planned to sing, but the crowd clamored for one more, a situation that encouraged him to stay and perform a medley of ‘Charro de Huentitán’ and end now with ‘Se me va la voz’.

After just over two hours and 28 songs, Alejandro said goodbye to the more than 33,000 attendees and gave a clear example of his talent and the 30-year artistic career that supports him.

Thus, the Mexican regional made its gala at the Expo Ganadera Fair this weekend after the opening of Flans and Pandora, and this Sunday there will be a change of chip in the rhythms and genre, since the X makes way for the German rapper .

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