Changes in FMF and Liga MX are ‘atole with the finger’ – Ruben Rodriguez

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First of all, do not forget that Mexican soccer is a private business, a private business that includes 16 partners and that what they consider is to reposition their product, make it attractive again both live and on television for two different markets. the one that consumes it the most and that is in the United States, and the local market, which is increasingly demanding and tired of what they offer.

For this reason, the measures presented or the proposals or promises that will be brought to the table of the Owners’ Assembly of the First Division at the end of this tournament seek to form a new Mexican National Team that they like, that competes, that wins, that is successful and successful in the area, to recover the nickname of giant, and it is there, where the Mexican league opens its eyes and proposes to modify its mediocre competition system to generate better quality soccer players, although I would have liked to hear the plan to really generate them, so that the Mexican soccer player is valued and has a place, since today in the league there are few teams that do it: Atlas, Pachuca, Santos and Chivas.

The common phrases and places that everyone knew were unnecessary, since self-criticism and responsibility in the decisions that led to the most resounding failure were conspicuous by their absence.

When will be the day that the president of the Mexican Soccer Federation, Yon De Luisa, accepts his responsibility for one of his continuous failures in his administration? Mandate that has plunged Mexican soccer into one, if not the worst moment in its history. Far from accusing his endorsement of the decisions that marked Martino, Torrado and the entire structure that he supported, today he marks them as the culprits of the ship’s sinking and not as part of the problem.

A speech that was completely loaded with the league with its possible modifications, and that at the Mexican National Team level the 60 days requested for investigation were nothing more than time to breathe, generate oxygen and go out with the dresser, they were of no use.

The best thing is that Liga MX has understood that it is not, not even close to what they boast and sell, and that now they have understood that they have to go hand in hand for a better selection-league product or else everything ends for them .


Next week there will be a new coach of the Mexican team, after a ‘search’ and many talks with different coaches. It must be said that many of them were only useful for mere statistics, since the profile and the names of the main candidates were defined and clear from the beginning, which revolve around two main candidates: Miguel Herrera and Guillermo Almada, since after a long call between Rodrigo Ares de Parga and Marcelo Bielsa, and requests for a comprehensive project with a complete change in the MX League, national teams, ways and means of operating in Mexican soccer, decided to discard it because of what the change that Marcelo requested meant, not so much the economic aspect, since that part can always be negotiated. The last interviewed candidates such as Ignacio Ambriz, Antonio Mohamed and Ricardo Ferretti, have given and presented their plans and objectives, but without a doubt, the one who has drawn the attention of the committee the most, and with great surprise, is Guillermo Almada, who with his dynamic and offensive of proposing soccer, it also takes him to his written and verbal concepts, to the point of enchanting what is presented.

Miguel Herrera, his knowledge, his way of being and the tables he manages in Mexican football have been his main cards, in addition to being the candidate that Yon De Luisa prioritizes, because he knows him and has worked with him at different times.

Between Friday and Monday, the Mexican Selection Committee will make the final decision, so that the strategist together with the new organization chart are presented no later than the following Thursday, and in this way begin to work at forced marches, where by the way, said committee was made by two main owners and not by invitation: Emilio Azcárraga and Jesús Martínez were in charge of capturing it and making it a reality, seeking to reinvent the best product that Mexican football has, which is the Mexican National Team, and from there they left by invitation on rest of those involved, but after two of the members changed the name of the manager of the executive and sports area of ​​national teams, one of the founders decided not to continue.



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