Changes I have made in my body posture (at 40) to improve my well-being

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It’s never too late to do changes in our body posture to improve well-being, prevent Back pain and, collaterally, to stylize the figure. We have already talked at length about the body intelligence and of the importance of being aware of how we position our body and how we move it since it has many benefits on a physical and emotional level. And we’re not just talking about preventing back pain or looking more stylized figurebut also psychological benefits linked to mood. For all this, and after having lived through adolescence in which I ignored my mother’s advice on the importance of walking straight, it has been now, at 40 –it is never too late– when I have carried out certain changes with which I have noticed A great improvement would be at all levels. In addition, it is a good moment because with age, as the physiotherapist explains Rodrigo Sanchez“our musculoskeletal system tends to atrophy and weaken over time, causing our main anti-gratification muscles to be unable to maintain correct postural hygiene, and may suffer pain, both muscular and joint, in addition to making us have a worse physical appearance ”.

walk like this

It’s costing me, but for a long time I’ve been trying to do two things when walking: stop looking at the phone –since this gesture causes a flexion of the vertebral column that is not beneficial– and try to walk more upright by joining the shoulder blades and maintaining a thoracic extension to avoid bringing the shoulders forward. “The gaze should go forward with slight abdominal activation and when taking the steps we must first support the heel followed by the middle of the foot in its external zone ending with the exit of the first toe to propel ourselves”, recommends Sánchez. In order to stay this upright I try to remember another recommendation from the therapist yvette pons: Imagine that someone adjusts the bra strap backwards, since that little traction is enough to walk with your shoulders repositioned and open.

While sitting…

It has also been difficult for me to do it: but whenever I can I try not to have my legs crossed because, as explained by Silvia Puentes, founder of Elite Pilates, it is not only bad for blood circulation but also stresses the hips. Although I don’t always get it –sometimes I tend to cross them unconsciously– I try to carry out Pons’ recommendations: sit with your feet fully supported on the floor, trying to make sure that the hamstrings (the bones that we have in the buttocks) are supported on the seat. And if I’m working, I check that the computer screen is at eye level to avoid raising or lowering my head, forcing my neck.

Standing also takes care of the posture

Because of my work, I spend many hours sitting down, but if I ever have to stand for a long time, I have internalized the recommendation that the chiropractor gave me. Ata Poramini: “It is convenient to separate the legs a little. Many women keep them very close together, but it is an incorrect posture because the anchorage to the ground is worse. With the legs slightly open, the feeling of security is greater because our body settles in a more stable way”.


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