Changbin proposes to Hyunjin and Stray Kids can’t take it

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The members of stray kids they are really playful with each other and are constantly pulling pranks on each other which the fans absolutely love. During one of his last recordings, Changbin took the cameras away with a hilarious quip that made everyone who watched the episode laugh.

The interpreter of “CASE 143” asked his partner to marry him hyunjin in full recording, of course the other members could not stand it and immediately burst into laughter, especially Hyunjin, who was really happy about the proposal of changbin.

Best of all, the 22-year-old idol did agree to get married and even put on the ring, with these various fans better known as STAY They began to make various jokes on social networks regarding the “marriage” of Hyunjin and Changbin, and it is that the fans will not let the fun interaction go by so easily.

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In other news related to the group, their new album “MAXIDENT” maintains strong sales by spending its second week on the Billboard 200 as the second best-selling album in the United States, a truly incredible milestone that demonstrates the great growth that the group has had in the country.

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