“Chakas” vs. “Mirreyes”; Yulay and SoyMirrey organize competition

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  • As of today, the marketing of influencers It is one of the most used resources by brands.

  • A survey reveals that more than 80 percent of young people in Latin America want to become content creators.

  • More than a billion and a half users, as of today, are registered on TikTok.

An alliance between Yulay and SoyMirrey, two of the most popular content creators, has resulted in a competition between “chakas” and “mirreyes”, but what is it about?

Within the vast universe of marketing digital, social networks play an extremely important role for all brands in order to conquer that new audience that arrived, inevitably, with the boom derived from the health emergency.

Based on this premise, it is no secret that, at present, the social media scene has become a true commercial showcase, a space that is now well used to attract new audiences that, it should be noted, They spend a long time connected to the network.

It is only necessary to point out a study carried out by Postcronwhich refers that almost 70 percent of people who have access to the internet, give greater confidence to the opinions perpetrated by influencers.

This is not all, because the platform Tomson points out that Internet users “they tend to spend more money and are more likely to spread the word to friends and family about a product they know about through social media”.

So, if we take this data into account, it is clear that, more and more, content creators, also called influencersare an essential part of brand strategies in order to join the increasingly relevant digital marketing.

In Mexico, in a context in which this market continues to grow, Yulay and SoyMirrey are two of the most popular creators or internet personalities on social networks, each with their own audience, but who, ultimately, are a sign of how digital platforms have earned a relevant place in the consumption habits of Internet users.

“Chakas” vs. “Mirreyes”; Yulay and SoyMirrey organize competition

Recently, on TikTok, a video was released in which both Yulay and SoyMirrey appear, this as part of what appears to be a collaboration between the two that has given way to a competition between “chakas” and “mirreyes”.

The video was shared on the official account of Carlo Bello, known as “SoyMirrey”, and has already exceeded one million views on the platform developed by ByteDance, this, to a large extent, also thanks to the popularity of Yulay, one of the youtubers most famous, on the one hand, and in the same way one of the personalities with which a significant number of Internet users feel identified.


If you don’t follow me on lnsta, do these chaks appear at night? #soymirrey #TikTokHalloween

? Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Currently, the profession influencers As such, it has gained great popularity among young people. According to a survey signed by Morning Consult, in Latin America alone, 86 percent of people between the ages of 13 and 38 have in mind to become full-time content creators.

TikTok and Instagram, according to various reports, are the two social networks where the brands generated the most income from the marketing of influencershighly sufficient reason to understand the importance of the digital scene both in the present and in what could come in the future.

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