Celebrations suspended in Argentina after incident with fans

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The caravan through the streets of Buenos Aires to celebrate the world champions in Qatar 2022 had to be suspended, because two fans threw themselves off a bridge to fall on the bus where the Argentine national teams were going, one made it, but the other fell to the pavement and had to be taken to a hospital and their health status is unknown.

The original plan was for the members of the Argentina national teamwith Lionel Messi in the lead, they would tour the main streets and avenues from Ezeiza, where the facilities of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) until The obelisklocated in the Republic Square, right at the intersection of the avenues Corrientes and July 9, but the party almost ends in tragedy.

And it is that the bus tour of “La Escaloneta” cannot reach its original destination, because about 5 million fans took to the streets to cheer the world champions and the route was modified, the new arrival point was the Plaza de Mayo, in front of the Casa Rosada.

However, the recklessness with which some fans what did they try sneak into the footballers bus forced the cancellation of the caravan and the players boarded helicopters to fly over the capital city, and then return to the facilities of the AFA.

“With helicopters from the Federal Police and the Prefecture, the world champions flew over the spaces full of fans. With several million people sharing, they took a huge Olympic lap.”highlighted the Argentine Security Minister, Hannibal Fernandez, in Twitter.

The official stated that the ‘Scaloneta’ It is “legend and pride of all Argentines.”

Shortly before the message from Aníbal Fernández, the president of the AFA, Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia, had affirmed by Twitter that the same Security organizations – without specifying which ones – that escorted the National Team’s caravan did not allow them to continue towards the center of Buenos Aires.

Immediately afterwards, he affirmed that the Minister of Security of the province of Buenos Aires, Sergio Berni“He was the only one who accompanied the entire journey to the entrance to the capital without registering any incident, allowing the players to embrace the Argentine people.”

At the same time, Bernie, who has differences with Hannibal Fernandez -both Peronists- and with the opposition government of the capital, celebrated the recognition of Tapia for the millions of citizens of the province of Buenos Aires “who celebrated with joy and respect” and “for the thousands of police officers in the province who worked from sunup to sundown so that the people embrace their heroes.”

Meanwhile, sources from the capital’s government specified that the emergency medical services they should have given assistance to 31 people in the city centeraccording to the latest available report.

“Among them, the majority were diagnosed with polytrauma from falls and cutting woundsthey indicated.

Of that total number of people assisted, 16 required transfers to different hospitals from the city.

(With information from EFE)

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