Caterpillar is Pochita with her Chainsaw Man cosplay

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It’s been two weeks since the first season of the show finished airing. anime of Chainsaw Man and since then the work of Tatsuki Fujimoto has not stopped increasing its popularity. For proof of them we have the countless cosplay that have arisen, such as pochita that showed the beautiful caterpillar recently.

In the Chainsaw Man anime and manga we meet Denji and Pochita, a human and his pet demon who live a difficult but bearable life thanks to having themselves. When Denji is brutally murdered, Pochita merges with his body to bring him back to life as Chainsaw Man, beginning the work that inspired the Caterpillar cosplay.

Pochita is a strange mix between a pig and a puppy that is actually a chainsaw demon, but unfortunately we don’t see him again after the opening scene of the anime and manga. For this reason we decided to share the adorable Pochita cosplay made by the beautiful Caterpillar, which was published in mid-December 2022.

Despite the fact that the Chainsaw Man anime began airing a couple of months ago, the popularity of the work has been very high since the first part of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga was published, as we can see with the Makima cosplays that Caterpillar has made since April 2021. At the moment Caterpillar has only published two photos of her Pochita cosplay, so we hope she will publish more in the future.

The Pochita cosplay that Caterpillar made was published in mid-December in a publication that says “Eat me”, with a photograph that shows us the cosplay from the front and another from the back. Both Caterpillar fans and Chainsaw Man fans showed a great reception for Pochita’s cosplay, but we haven’t seen this beautiful cosplayer in this version of the chainsaw demon since then.


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