Carrefour freezes the price of 100 products as a marketing strategy

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  • The strategy of freezing prices for a certain amount of time began in Argentina, a country with high inflation rates for decades.
  • With prices rising in Europe, Carrefour decided to take the campaign to France.
  • In Argentina, it covered more than 1,300 products for six months. In France it is launched this week with 100 articles, for 90 days.

For more than five years, the French supermarket chain Carrefour has implemented in Argentina the marketing and advertising campaign “Courageous Pricesโ€œ.

The program seeks to take advantage of the country’s inflationary scenario by freezing the prices of a set of products for a certain period of time.

In 2017, for example, the hypermarket froze the sales values โ€‹โ€‹of 1,300 own-brand products from the 22 Argentine provinces where it is present for six months.

He set the prices on July 7, 2017 before a notary public and kept them in all stores until January of the following year.

It is not a simple campaign in a country where inflation in that year reached 25.7%.

The campaign has been reissued almost every year, with different deadlines and number of products. And it was successful.

One of the many editions of Carrefour’s “Corajudos Prices” in Argentina.

Export of marketing strategies

With inflation in Europe running at 10% year-on-year, Carrefour decided to carry out the same strategy in France, where this Monday, August 22, it announced that the brand will freeze the prices of 100 everyday products for three months.

According to the announcement, products such as canned rice, laundry detergent and sardines will not increase for 90 days in order to help consumers cope with inflation.

The measures came after the government led by Emmanuel Macron on Friday asked companies to do “something more” to curb rising prices.

Carrefour said that it will freeze prices until November 30 in a list that also includes medical devices for personal use and clothing.

Inflation in France: what Carrefour does

The latest official data says that in France there is an annual inflation of 6.8 percent, one of the highest since the country uses the statistical format of the European Union.

Likewise, it is low if that rate is compared with that of other countries in the region, such as Spain or the United Kingdom, where prices rose by more than 10 percent.

In the case of France, it did not rise further thanks to the government’s caps on the prices of electricity and natural gas.

Inflation has skyrocketed around the world after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has pushed up the sale value of energy, adding to the pressures on prices that already existed with the end of the pandemic and the problems in supply chains.

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