Carmen Villalobos photographed herself from the front and paralyzed the network with a tight swimsuit

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After confirming the separation of Sebastián Caicedo and Carmen Villalobos A few months ago, the media continued to search the love past of the 39-year-old Colombian actress. The now ex-married couple met in 2007 while they were recording “No one is eternal in the world.” In 2009 the couple was chosen to star in the soap opera “Rich Children, Poor Parents”, where they shared the experience as boyfriends and colleagues.

Carmen VillalobosToday, she is one of the most recognized artists in the world of entertainment, a place that has been earned from her dedication from a very young age to interpret different characters. In addition, she is a model and usually shares content on her social networks about her trips, her outings with her friends or the work projects that she is currently doing.

Carmen She has managed to be known throughout Latin America as an actress who, in addition to having a more than evident beauty, can take on unexpected challenges and go from being a villain to a sweet heroine in danger who needs to be rescued. On the other hand, she has a discovered talent for dancing and if there is any doubt about it, she can be seen dancing different genres on her virtual accounts.

Recently, Carmen Villalobos used his social media to make it clear that she is one of the most beautiful women on the entire continent and through Instagram she showed herself in a flirty swimsuit that caused a stir.

In video mode, Villalobos He panned his whole body in a selfie style and showed himself in a black bikini that makes more than one imagine and raises his temperature. The actress made it clear that her separation served her to look for suitors and that she no longer affects her.


From the beach, Carmen Villalobos rocked the net with a micro bikini

VIDEOS | Carmen Villalobos raises the temperature with provocative lingerie


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