Carmen Campuzano “la Campu”, is the next eliminated of the week

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Master Chef Celebrity It was full of nostalgia and many emotions, especially since it was a program in which the little ones from MasterChef were participating and teaming up with the contestants. However, the actress Carmen Campuzano He failed to convince the chefs and became the new eliminated of the season.

The new chapter of MasterChef Celebrity began with surprises, since Nadia could not be there for health reasons, but also because each of the celebrities had to choose a mysterious box that included a photograph of the celebrities from when they were little inside.

The dynamic was as follows: cook for that child in the photo based on his tastes and emotions at the time, but accompanied by five members of the edition Junior MasterChef.

The cymbals in the second challenge

The actors, hosts and public figures had to work in thirds with the surprise guests (Sarita, Alan, Esaú, Zoé and Abel) from MasterChef Junior.

The dynamic was as follows: the children had to try a dish, which they had to replicate together with the celebrities and for this, they would have the market open and 45 minutes to replicate the dish they tried, without being seen.

Abel, Lorraine and Marcelo They prepared a mole very similar to the original dish and added a little chipotle chili, an ingredient that made them receive very good reviews. Zoé, Macky and Talina were next, but their dish did not correspond to the original since they prepared a tortilla soup and it was a lime soup.

Esau, Alejandra and Karla They were one of the best thirds and the chefs let them know. Little Esau showed his culinary skills again and received the congratulations of the judges.

Alan, Francisco Gattorno and Gabito they also hit their peanut chicken and received good reviews from the chefs. Finally Sarita, Ale Y Carmen Campuzano they prepared pot mole and they hit the original, but there were some technical errors.

The first team to go up to the balcony was Esau’s (Alejandra and Karla), followed by Abel’s (Lorena and Marcelo) and Alan’s (Francisco and Gavito), so Ale, Carmen, Talina and Macky went to the challenge of elimination with Alan the ex-Magneto.

Carmen Campuzano: the eliminated of the night

In this challenge, the chef Fernando Martinez Zavala de Migrante, to guide the participants of the elimination challenge, with a menu inspired by the preparation of a children’s lunch, which was more complex than it seemed.

The actress Carmen Campuzano He revealed that there was a time when he had a finger accident and had to be operated on, a fact for which he did not have good mobility in his finger. Her dish did not have the best presentation and due to her limitations with her hand, she broke down in tears and was fired from MasterChef Celebrity Mexico.

In the end, the best lunch was Alan’s, for its presentation and preparation.

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