Carlos Rivera sings to newlyweds in Palenque, Tamaulipas; watch video

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Carlos Rivera sings to newlyweds in palenque in Tamaulipas;  watch video
Carlos Rivera sings to newlyweds at the Tamaulipas Fair. Photo: Video Capture

Remember me! that the singer Charles Rivera fulfilled the dream of a couple in love in Tamaulipas and sang to these newlyweds in the Palenque de la Victoria City Fairafter the bride and groom, literally, from the wedding left everyone to attend their idol’s event.

What is known about the newly married couple who went to a Carlos Rivera concert from the wedding?

“Love can conquer all”, says a famous saying, and this couple of just Married It is a vivid example of it, after they did not want each other miss your idol’s concert Charles Rivera, for something as simple as…your own wedding!

Social networks made viral a unique event that happened in the Victoria City Fairafter the singer born in the academy was surprised to see a curious couple in the front row, who attended the palenque with unusual clothes: a wedding dress and suit.

And it is that this couple of newlyweds decided to celebrate their wedding by going to the Carlos Rivera concert. The bride arrived with everything and dress the fair Tamaulipaswhich caught the attention of the audience and also the singer, because he even took them on stage and sang to them while they danced the Vals.

Carlos Rivera saw them, hugged them and congratulated them on their wedding. Minutes later, while the couple danced, the singer decided to perform one of his greatest hits, ‘Other Lives’.

Those attending the concert ex-academic recorded with their phones the tender moment that has gone viral on social networks, even the couple of singer, Cynthia Rodriguez, He shared the beautiful scene in his Instagram stories with the phrase: “Some boyfriends arrived.”

the born in Huamantla, Tlaxcala, delighted the couple in love, who left everything to attend their concert on time and dance there, their first song as husband and wife.

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