Cariuma, vegan and socially responsible sneakers that don’t cost an arm and a leg

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Cariuma shoes. (Photo: Cariuma)

Recently, the new generations have found a sensitivity to choose brands that are truly responsible with the environment and pay their employees well, but these types of companies manage to do so by raising the costs of the final product. While the brand Cariuma has found a balance to deliver a quality, fashionable product at much more affordable prices to the international market.

This company was founded in 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, by David Python and Fernando Porto. The word “Cariuma” has no translation, but is a mixture of words to represent “diversity and inclusion”.

Since its launch, the brand has been expanding and has managed to position itself in international markets, such as the United States. Mainly, this footwear is characterized by its social and ecological responsibility, because in addition to using ecological materials, two trees are planted in the Amazon forests for the purchase of each pair of shoes.

These shoes feature a variety in design and vegan materials, which has made them popular with celebrities like Pete Davidson, Noah Centineo, Jon Hamm, and Helen Mirren.

Here are some of our favorite designs:

Camel Suede.  (Photo: Cariuma)

Camel Suede. (Photo: Cariuma)

These shoes are super soft, because they are cushioned with a perfectly cushioned rubber sole, they also have a suede upper and a rubber toe box that adds style and comfort.

You can choose this model according to the upper, which can be made of fabric, leather or suede and for each of these varieties you will find more than 15 colors.

Therma All Black Suede Shoes.  (Photo: Cariuma)

Therma All Black Suede Shoes. (Photo: Cariuma)

These boots are perfect for cold days because they are comfortable and super soft on the inside. The comments it has received from buyers are only positive mentions about the durability of the materials, and at the same time, in all manufacturing and logistics processes they produce the minimum environmental impact.

In this model you have only two options to choose between: black and brown. The sizes are divided according to whether they are for men and women, but the design is the same.

White and blue LWG leather shoes.  (Photo:

White and blue LWG leather shoes. (Photo:

We all know how versatile good white shoes are and what happens over the years is that shoes wear out first from the insole or sole. While this brand promises to offer you comfort for longer, since it has a padded insole made of cork and that has been made by hand.

You have the possibility to choose the decorative colors between tones: red, pink, blue, black or totally white, there is even an option in which the entire upper is black and the details of the logo are white.

Canvas Pink.  (Photo: Cariuma)

Canvas Pink. (Photo: Cariuma)

This classic model has an upper made of fabric, organic cotton, which means that they will last you for years and are very comfortable when walking.

Like other models, you have several colors to choose from such as yellow, white, pink, blue, green, black. You can even choose that the upper is made of synthetic leather or corduroy.

Leopard canvas shoes.  (Photo: Cariuma)

Leopard canvas shoes. (Photo: Cariuma)

They say that the ‘Animal print’ design never went out of style and this is a perfect example; shoes that have used vegan materials and at the same time, with materials that do not affect the environment. This company has values ​​and ethics that can also be seen in the way it pays suppliers, completely moving away from labor exploitation.

Yellow Knit Shoes.  (Photo: cariuma)

Yellow Knit Shoes. (Photo: cariuma)

One of the things I like the most about this brand is the variety of colors and designs it has, in this case, the yellow model has green details that make it more fashionable. At the same time, it has a cut in its upper that makes them youthful and perfect for daily use, to go to work or to go out at night.

You can choose between eight fabric colors with a white sole or a totally black design (sole and upper). Which style suits you the most?


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