Cancer horoscope for November 2022: Your predictions for the month

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November can help you increase the value of your project or your brandit can also help you renew and beautify your professional image, it is time to bet on an investment or redesign.

During the days around November 16 you will be vibrating with the correct energy to letting go of a contract, project or employment relationship that, simply, it does not give you any economic benefit, or that it has already given you everything it had to give. It’s a subtle ending that also helps remind you of the importance of protecting your resources, talent, and time.

November is the time of the year for you to propose a work project, plan a new business or start think about different options for your professional lifeYou will begin to feel this strongly from November 17, with the arrival of Mercury in Sagittarius, and it is the time you should use to sketch, make calls, investigate, make numbers, etc.

The last days of the month your agenda, energy and priorities begin to revolve around your work life, your project or the changes you want to make in your workplace. Take advantage of the last ten days of November to implement that strategy that you have been planning for a couple of months, the one that can lead you to a new job siteto a new position or transform the way you make a living.

The changes you want to make in your lifestyle, routine and in all the activities you do every day to obtain long-term results, you can start after November 23. The New Moon of that day favors you to change your habits, transform the relationship you have with your physical body. The same, this energy opens the way for you to undertake a new work momentstart a new job or business.

That same day, direct Jupiter in Pisces gives you the energies that subtly begin to open the way to cross borders (mental and geographical) at the end of the year. Near the end of the month, you will be able to discover which personal projects are going to be the most important in 2023. Yes, from here the scenario begins to show you, but you have to be attentive to detect it.


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