Canada: Stabbing suspect found dead

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Canada: Mass stabbing suspect found dead
The Canadian Police reported that he was found with “visible injuries”. Photo: AFP.

The Canada Police reported being found dead one of the two brothers who carried out a wave of stabbings Y who left this Weekend a balance of 10 dead and 18 wounded, in the community of James Smith Cree Nation and the town of Weldon.

Rhonda Blackmore, assistant police commissioner, told a news conference that the police force Damian Sanderson He was found with “visible injuries” in a living place which was reviewed by the authorities.

The slaughter perpetrated this Sunday in the central west of the country, is counted among the largest acts of mass violence in Canadian history.

The canadian police I had traveled this Monday Saskatchewan and the neighboring provinces in an incessant persecution of the two brothers.

The second attacker is still at large and could be injured: Canadian Police

The assistant commissioner pointed out that Myles Sandersson, brother of young man found dead, still fugitive and can also present wounds; however, he stressed that this information is not yet confirmed, and urged the population to remain vigilant.

After ordering to lower the parliament flag in memory of the victims, the Prime Minister Of Canada, Justin Trudeau, he said the attacks were “shocking and heartbreaking”.

“This type of violence has no place in our country. Unfortunately, in recent years, tragedies like these have become all too frequent.”


Canada lives a succession of attacks of a unusual violence. In recent years, a armed man disguised as policeman killed 22 people in New Scotland; Six people were killed in a shooting at a mosque in Québec; and a man driving a pickup truck through crowded sidewalks in toronto killed 10 people.