Can beer go bad?

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Can beer go bad?
Beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Photo: Gettyimages / Illustrative

The beer is one of the most popular drinks in the worldIn addition, it has a wide variety of styles such as: pilsner lager, stout or porter, to name a few; its classification is by color, flavor, types of ingredients, even to the degree of alcohol, but can it be spoiled? Here’s what the experts say.

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Can beer go bad?

There are some factors for a beer can lose propertiesamong them are:

  • The oxygen intake, which can produce sudden changes in the beer, causing changes in its smell. The above can occur in the transport of the product.
  • Another factor that can alter the composition of the product is the lightas prolonged exposure can also alter the flavor of the drink, which is why many containers are dark in color.
  • To finish, the high temperatures they can alter the fermentation of the beer, however, well-brewed products usually resist heat.

The beer expert Lorraine Bazanpresident of the Pink Boots Society in Spain, agreed with the above and said that it can be spoiled, in addition, she added that when it is uncovereda beer must have a good soundbut by not producing it, the drink may not be in very good condition.

However, other sites specialized in beer ensure that the drink It cannot be spoiled, even though it has a consumption date, because it can be left to ferment for up to five years in some cases.

beer facts

According to the Mexican Government’s Agrifood and Fisheries Information Service, he explained that the origins of the “drink are ancient, since it is estimated that the first to produce beer were the Sumerianswho used this drink to make offerings to their gods, as well as to perform rituals in their sanctuaries”.

A curious fact about this drink is that it was invented by womenwho were in charge of the responsibilities associated with food, and after countless attempts to generate beverages through the processing of grains, they obtained this wonderful combination, added the dependency.