Camilo reveals his favorite beer on TikTok and generates publicity for the brand

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  • It is estimated that a company in Mexico spends between 7 and 12 percent of its income in implementing strategies of Marketing.

  • Currently, Mexico is considered the second country in Latin America with the most active Internet users.

  • Only 4 percent of organic advertising has a relevant impact, this can reach millions of visits in a short time.

One of the main characteristics that have made social networks and digital platforms the trending medium for communicating, informing and entertaining is the virality that content can achieve and the implication that this has for brands and companies, since it is through digital conversation that can generate organic advertising that impacts a target outside of what was thought, such is the case of what happened with the singer Camilo, who in an audio of TikTok revealed his “favorite beer”, generating publicity for a specific brand.

Currently, it is estimated that there are just over 92 million active Internet users within the National territorya figure that positions Mexico as the second country with the most Internet users in Latin America, only below Brazil, which has more than 165 million, due to the growing number of people active on the net. This is where brands find an opportunity for virality and promotion in an organic way, that is, not paid, in addition to having constant feedback.

It is estimated that in Mexico, a company spends on marketing between 7 and 12 percent of total recorded incomeso you mark as Coke They spend approximately 4.24 billion dollars on advertising, according to 2019 reports.

Camilo and his “favorite beer”

Unlike paid advertising or marketing of influencer, with which it seeks to impact within a specific audience, organic advertising offers various benefits, the main one being “free of payment” advertising; however, according to payonnerit is estimated that only 4 percent of organic posts are viewed,

However, these can become extremely relevant, as the singer-songwriter of “Índigo” shows, Camilowho by humorously mentioning that President Beer It’s your favorite beer It gave the firm from the Dominican Republic significant publicity on networks, reaching over 398.6 K views.

@camiloHahahaha saluuuuucitaaaa 🍺♬ Alaska – Camilo & Firm Group

Organic advertising generated on networks has the ease of virality and is fostered by digital conversation, such is the case of what happened in days past when Mafe Walker, inadvertently revived a classic game from the 90s, causing the community to confuse the name of a restaurant in Mexico City with the toy marketed by Bandai Tamagochi.

For both users and Internet users, it is important to know the scope of social networks, because through them people learn about aspects and situations that are out of the ordinary.

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