Camilla Parker removed an important figure from the British monarchy

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Camilla Parker, the new queen consort of United Kingdom, continues to climb popularity and power within the British monarchy. And now, he has proceeded to make a series of changes within the Royal family, that have generated all kinds of comments among the public and social networks.

Since Camilla Parker’s relationship with him was made official now King Carlos III, The repudiation that the now Queen received was extremely oppressive. And it is that the fact of having been the eternal lover with whom Carlos III deceived the already deceased Princess Diana, whose popularity was huge and still is, earned him the repudiation of all public opinion.

Despite this, Camilla has worked very hard to gradually earn the respect of the British. And although she is still despised by a large part of the sector, her role in the crown has been fundamental, especially in recent months when her husband has ascended the throne.

And now, the Queen consort has made a move that has generated both negative and positive comments, which are certainly a different and rare point made within royalty.

One of the measures taken by the King’s wife Charles III and that has surprised the members of the Royal family, is that he has decided to do without the ladies-in-waiting that the deceased queen previously had Isabel II, a tradition that, if we review the history of England, It has been going on since ancient times.

Camilla Parker that has changed, and now he has chosen to be called friends of the queen and they will also perform other jobs that do not contribute financial expenses to the crown.

This movement has generated all kinds of comments, and they point out that the Queen consort He is executing several plans whose purposes would be to reduce unnecessary economic expenses for royalty.

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