By mistake, they sell FIFA 23 for less than a dollar and this is how EA Sports responds

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  • FIFA 23 seeks to surpass the sales of more than nine million that FIFA 22 sold in its first days of release.

  • FIFA 22 was the best-selling video game in 17 of 19 European countries, according to data from Gfk.

  • According to company data, FIFA 22 generated revenue of 1.75 billion dollars.

An error made by EA Sports caused some users to buy the new FIFA 23 for less than a dollar, to which the company has already stated its position.

This year, one of the most anticipated launches is that of EA Sports, because, as has already been announced, this will be the last ‘FIFA’ in history; in 2023, EA Sports FC will arrive, thereby marking a new era in the history of the North American company.

In this way, with FIFA 23, Electronic Arts will close a 30-year relationship and a large number of titles that had, like all sagas, their high and low pointsbut that, above all, led a market that even last year it can be said that it devastated millions of units sold thanks to the disappointment caused by Konami, the main competitor of the North American company.

It is known that in just 48 hours, the company sold more than 9 million units worldwide, making it one of its best-selling launches.

To this day, it is well known that the launch of FIFA 23 is scheduled for next September 29 and it will come with three editions, each one with its own benefits: the more the consumer or gamer pays, the more benefits they will have.

Without a doubt, the bet for the next title is complex, since FIFA 22, according to company data, generated revenue of 1.75 billion dollarslargely thanks to Konami’s mistakes that caused it to lose several fans and one of the worst ratings in Steam history.

FIFA 23 in less than a dollar?

On Twitter, the story of a user who took advantage of the mistake made by the North American company that, on its website, placed FIFA 23 with a price of less than one dollar, was released.

And it is that, in reality, the value of the title, in its standard version, is 69.99 (approximately one thousand 44 pesos) dollars, while the version ultimate It costs 99.99 dollars (approximately two thousand pesos).

In fact, according to what is reported, he was not the only user who, for just a few seconds, took advantage of the “offer”; however, as expected, the company’s response came almost immediately.

“A few weeks ago, we scored a pretty spectacular own goal when we inadvertently offered FIFA 23 pre-purchase on the Epic Games Store at the wrong price. It was our mistake, and we wanted to let you know that we will honor all advance purchases made at that price.”the company mentioned.

Until now, it is known that the company contacted the users who were “benefited”, promising to respond in the best way to the error made.

On the other hand, a new video game could arrive in the fall of this 2022 under the title of UFL, which, according to what has been reported, will be free of charge and it has an old FIFA ambassador: Cristiano Ronaldo.

EA Sports seems to want to close its last title with the name of FIFA well to make way for a new era with the launch, in 2023, of EA Sports FC.

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