Businesses do not miss an opportunity and create the “Babo Chelas”

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  • Currently, in the digital scenario, there are more than four and a half billion users on social networks.

  • In Mexico, according to a recent survey, beer was positioned as the favorite alcoholic beverage for consumers.

  • For a few days, the lead singer of the Santa Cartel appeared in the main trends in networks and some businesses have taken advantage of it.

Continuing with the trend in social networks about “Babo”, the singer of Cartel de Santa, various businesses have not missed an opportunity and have already developed the “Babo Chelas”, a new “product” that is gaining attention in digital communication.

The Mexican consumer has always been one of the most open to experimenting with all kinds of products. Hence, within the habits of consumers, we can find “exotic” products such as “dorilocos”, “rotochelas”, among others, because, in fact, there is an important market.

And it is that, to tell the truth, one of the features for which Mexico is known is, precisely, for its inventiveness and for the so-called “Mexican ingenuity”, a phrase that has even been consolidated as a kind of brand that talks about the skills and abilities of the community.

Taking this as a starting point, we live at a time in history where trends mark an essential part for the positioning of all types of businesses or companies (micro, medium and macro), this, due to the fact that, at present, it is The digital scenario governs a large part of people’s habits.

Just remember, by way of context, that, according to data from We Are Social and Hootsuitethere are close to five billion Internet users worldwide, of which an estimated 4.6 billion are immersed in social networks, which is why, constantly, brands are much more attentive than what happens in said section.

Businesses do not miss an opportunity and create the “Babo Chelas”

Mexico is a large consumer of alcoholic beverages and there is even a wide range of products on the market to satisfy the tastes of consumers.

This is revealed by the monthly survey of the manufacturing industry, which shows the value of sales of alcoholic beverages produced in Mexico, noting that the beers were placed as the favorites of those surveyed, registering figures of 185 thousand 375 million Mexican pesos; below, is tequila with 44 thousand 637 million pesos and in third place other distilled beverages from the agave with 5 thousand 093 million pesos.

On the other hand, a study carried out by Brand Finance shows that, among the most valuable Mexican brands of 2021, by brand value, are Corona (in the first place), registering 5 thousand 82 million dollars; Victory in fourth, with 4 billion dollars; and Modelo in fifth, with 3 thousand 370 million dollars, among other recognized companies such as Claro, Pemex, Telcel, etc.

Thus, taking as a reference the trend caused in social networks by the vocalist of Cartel de Santa, “Babo”, and the taste for the consumption of alcoholic beverages, various businesses have begun to popularize the “Babo Chelas”, a peculiar idea which, on social networks, is generating a great conversation among Internet users.


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