BUAP Medicine students stand out in various national forums

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With a deep vocation and humanistic sense, the BUAP Medicine students raise the name of the institution and show once again that it is a leader in the training of high medical profiles in the country, not only because of the number of graduates, but because its students have obtained recognition for their academic excellence in knowledge contests in Anatomy, Neuroscience and Histology, among other areas.

Fernando Gatica Soriano, a student at the Faculty of Medicine, was awarded by the Pfizer Scientific Institute (ICP) and the Mexican Association of Faculties and Schools of Medicine (AMFEM). He received a medal for being one of the best students in the area in the country. His high average per generation and his career were the main criteria for granting him this recognition.

Also noteworthy are the students Manuel Zorrilla Hernández, Luis Eduardo González Hernández and Aldayr Alonso Lechuga, from eighth, seventh and fourth semesters, respectively, who obtained second place in the XI National Student Contest of Morphology, within the framework of the National Congress of Anatomy 2022 , where they competed with students from more than 15 universities in the country in knowledge about Neuroanatomy.

It should be noted that the students competed in three rounds: the first, intramural; semifinals, in which they faced their peers from the autonomous universities of Nuevo León and Baja California, the Universidad Veracruzana and the Universidad Anáhuac campus Puebla, among others; and the final, which was carried out in person and orally.

In this congress, BUAP students Priscila Mishelle Bartolo Gómez, Karen Paula Cruz Laureano, Juan Carlos Sánchez Reyes and Jesús Adrián Santoyo Rojas also obtained second place in knowledge of Embryology; while Gerardo Decasa Pérez, Alejandra Rosario Huerta Mancilla, María Luisa Pérez Sánchez and Cristian Daniel Vargas Alvarado managed to place third in Histology, which allows BUAP to remain among the first places in the country in these tests.

On the other hand, with the work “Fibromyalgia, eyes that do not see, brain that does feel”, the students of the Faculty of Medicine, Georgina Cruz Córdova and Edgar Martínez Romero, instructor of the Department of Physiology, obtained the first place in the Contest of Neuroscience Posters «Cerebro y Sociedad», carried out by the Mexico City Chapter of the Society for Neurosciencein collaboration with the Mexican Society of Physiological Sciences.

In this way, the BUAP Faculty of Medicine demonstrates its commitment and the historical and outstanding tradition it has in the training of professionals in the health area, at technical, undergraduate and postgraduate levels, who contribute with great ethics and sense humanistic to the development of the state and the country.

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